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Optum ICD-10 Training Online

Optum ICD-10 Training Online

ICD-10 Training

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Simplify Your ICD-10 Transition with Optum Education and Training. With their experience conducting ICD-10 business-readiness assessments in health systems across the country, Optum has a deep understanding of providers' ICD-10 education and training needs. They have taken into consideration how each learner leverages diagnosis data within their current role and workflow, and developed education that is customized to the learner.

Optum offers comprehensive ICD-10 training courses to ensure all impacted resources within your organization are adequately prepared for the transition to ICD-10. They serve physicians, coders and the support staff to ensure your whole organization is ICD-10 ready.

  • Offers comprehensive ICD-10 online education to prepare practices for the ICD-10 transition
  • Serves physicians, coders and support staff with training tailored to specific job functions
  • Provides consulting services to translate online learning to in-practice training Delivers personalized training on Optum's e-learning platform or your own learning management system

Level 1: Overview training — High-level education about the ICD-10 mandate, ensuring that the learner understands the reasons, benefits, challenges, timelines and impacts of ICD-10. For certain job functions, overview instruction may be all that is required.

Level 2: Knowledge-based/skill transfer — Education and training that provides a deeper understanding of the ICD-10 code set through knowledge-based training. Those who consistently use diagnosis data will benefit from Level 2 instruction.

Level 3: On-the-job training — On-the-job training featuring Optum's consulting services. This customizes learning to your workflow and allows you to take online learning and translate online learning into in-person training and practice. It also helps you transition from a structured classroom or e-learning environment to a knowledge application environment. Solutions offered will vary by organization.

Access Optum's ICD-10 Core Education Program in one of two ways: — 1) Optum-hosted web-based e-learning platform, enabling your learners to access online instruction any time2) Your own learning management system, available to purchase and upload

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ICD-10 Training
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