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Opargo is a scheduling optimization engine that streamlines, prioritizes, enhances, and manages the day-to-day tasks for a growing number of healthcare providers. Opargo’s optimization engine partners with athenahealth and puts healthcare professionals in control of their ever-changing and ever-demanding industry.

By applying the same innovative technology that revolutionized the daily operations of the airline industry, Opargo helps to maximize time, value, priorities, preferences, revenue, and patient care for a growing number of individual practices, surgery centers, and health systems. By identifying appointment types, times, and tendencies, and then booking them based on office priorities, Opargo users can ensure that they’re not just busy, they’re “the right kind of busy.”

Opargo's patent-pending solution considers emergent patient needs, payor reimbursement rates, office and procedure activities, historical practice demand, schedule availability, practice priorities, and other drivers for schedule optimization.

  • Opargo integrates with athenaCollector® and runs its Optimizer to determine the appropriate time, location, and provider to see the patient, based on practice preferences and priorities. Schedulers book the patient in Opargo and all details are automatically incorporated into the athenaNet schedule. This means all down-line compliance, reporting, billing, and patient engagement activities remain intact.
  • When applied, practices and surgical centers see increased profit and value from reduced number of patients going to another practice due to extended patient wait times, optimal scheduling of procedures, reduced down-time, fewer cancellations and mis-scheduled patients, and better staff utilization. It also means increased quantity and quality of care.
  • Opargo is personalized, simple to install, integrates fully and seamlessly, is easy to use, and is supported by training professionals.

Opargo’s four distinct offerings include four game-changing objectives:

Optimization Readiness: At the beginning of the optimization process, Opargo obtains a detailed and in-depth look at your operations, goals, and objectives and then uses the findings to provide you with the insights — and the mechanism and tools — to best utilize all the data and make your organizational aspirations a reality.

Clinic Optimization: Opargo can be so personalized and effective on an individual practice level because they take provider histories and combine them with current best practices to get the optimal operational view. They then pinpoint specific dynamics and look for current realities and tendencies to optimize so practices can improve operational efficiency, maximize staff and resources, accelerate revenue, and ensure patients receive the highest quality of care.

Surgery Optimization: For larger surgery centers, Opargo uses the same optimization principles to improve surgery scheduling through block time and room optimization, simplifying the scheduling process. In essence, Opargo looks at historical demand and the rules associated with scheduling surgeries to understand how rooms are best used: by whom (what surgeons), for what reasons (what procedures), and why (what specialties are associated with each provider).

Access Optimization: Opargo’s vision is to automate the continuum of care so that patients can access a healthcare network that is connected, integrated, efficient, and effective. This will allow patients to do their scheduling with the right physician, at the right time, at the right place – while in their physician’s office. This ensures patients receive optimal care while removing inefficiencies across the healthcare network.

Opargo takes the guesswork out of scheduling and process management and lets big data and predictive analytics do what Opargo does best – optimization – so you can do what you do best – provide quality healthcare.

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