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OhMD HIPAA Compliant Telehealth & Texting Platform

OhMD HIPAA Compliant Telehealth & Texting Platform

Patient Communications


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Patients aren’t answering phone calls anymore. In fact, 80% of patients won’t answer a call from a number they don’t recognize and “communication” is the #1 patient complaint.

When patient communication suffers, so does your practice:

  • Appointment no-show rates increase and revenue decreases
  • Each member of your staff wastes hours each day playing phone tag
  • Patient satisfaction declines leading to bad online reviews and poor patient retention
  • Patients are less likely to pay outstanding balances
  • Patients are more likely to end up in the ED

OhMD makes patient and team communication simple:

  • Decrease appointment no-shows by 67%
  • Save 2-3 hours per staff per day that used to be spent playing phone tag
  • Increase patient self-pay collection by up to 280%
  • Grow your practice by converting 82% more website visitors to patients
  • Deliver an experience your patients love, improve patient retention, and get more positive online review

How does OhMD work? Two-way SMS texting and video visits using your existing practice phone number (no app download required). These days, 97% of patients prefer SMS texting over a phone call or patient portal.

With OhMD, you can meet patients where they already are and eliminate all those wasted hours leaving voicemails and playing phone tag.


  • Two-way SMS texting with patients from your desktop
  • Video - HIPAA compliant telehealth platform
  • SMS Texting to (and from) your existing practice phone number
  • No app download required by patients
  • HIPAA-compliant communication for colleagues and teams
  • Live website chat for driving patient acquisition from your website
  • Auto-responses for off-hours
  • Attachments and images
  • Broadcast texting for sending personalized messages to many patients at once
  • Centralized user management
  • Save patient conversations to the chart in athenaNet

Who is OhMD for?

OhMD is being used by practices and care managers across all specialties and organization sizes. Over 40,000 providers use OhMD to streamline and simplify patient and team communication.

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