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Nucleus PatientEd

Nucleus PatientEd

Patient Education


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Smarter patients. Happier Doctors.

Nucleus PatientEd is the world’s leading Automated Patient Education software, guaranteed to raise patient engagement without adding steps to your workflow. The product uses content from Nucleus Medical Media, the publisher of the most popular 3D patient education animations on the Internet.

The HIPAA compliant software uses your patients’ data to find accurate, relevant 3D animations explaining diseases, conditions, treatment options, etc., and automatically sends them to your patients via email or text.

Your practice is an excellent candidate for Nucleus PatientEd if you agree with the following statements:

• Well-educated patients are better able to manage their health care throughout their lives.

• Technology should work for me and my patients, and not the other way around.

• Videos are an effective medium for patient education because patients find them easy to understand, regardless of their health literacy level.3

• To avoid the potential bias of giving patients materials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, I am willing to pay a reasonable for unbiased, evidence-based content.

• Technology should be cost-effective with a clear ROI.

Client Testimonials:

“Working with Nucleus we found our patients are better educated about their disease states and surgical procedures. We find patients watch the videos repeatedly to understand their condition.” Surgical Practice Manager

“A time saver… either after initial discussion for reinforcement, or before my initial discussion to prepare the patient for our talk.” Oncologist

“The feedback from our patients has been extremely positive [and] the number of post visit telephone calls to clarify information has drastically decreased.” Orthopedic Surgeon

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If you need additional information, please visit the Nucleus PatientEd site.

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