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Nuance Dragon Medical

Nuance Dragon Medical


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Exclusive integration with Dragon® Medical allows clinicians to use their voice to speed documentation in athenaClinicals and be more productive. Dragon Medical embedded in athenaClinicials and Dragon Medical One — working independently or together — speeds capturing the patient story and improves clinician satisfaction. Dragon Medical solutions accurately translate the clinician’s voice into a rich, detailed clinical narrative that is captured directly in athenaClinicals. With no voice profile training required, accent detection, and automatic microphone calibration, Dragon Medical ensures an optimal clinician experience from the start by creating a single voice profile that continues to adapt and improve over time. Cloud-based delivery offers automatic updates, quick deployment, minimal software footprint, and seamless access to a user’s single voice profile with customized vocabularies, templates and commands — delivering fast, predictable, personalized, and dependable performance.

  • Speak freely and securely. Clinicians use their voice to capture the patient story more naturally and efficiently, while a HITRUST CSF certified hosting infrastructure ensures secure communication of speech-related data into athenaClinicals.
  • Be at home anywhere. A single, cloud-based voice profile stores individual or site-wide vocabularies, auto-texts, templates and voice commands, to deliver a seamless, consistent, and personalized environment across all platforms and devices.
  • Save time. Clinicians complete documentation three times faster than typing. The seamless integration improves clinician satisfaction and frees them to spend more time caring for patients.
  • Gain insights. A secure online analytics portal tracks clinician efficiency, productivity and workflows to determine what is working and pinpoint areas of improvement for informed decision-making.

For clinicians who document mostly in athenaClinicals and require optimal usability. Exclusive voice navigation and real-time speech-to-text brings maximum productivity to clinicians who only document within athenaClinicals. Clinicians dictate the unique patient story and use voice commands to navigate to desired tabs, sections and fields in the exam record and insert auto-texts, edit text and sign documents. Dragon Medical embedded in athenaClinicials is rooted within athenaClinicals. Clinicians simply launch the Google Chrome web browser to start working within athenaClinicals — no additional software to install or passwords to remember.

For clinicians who document in several applications from different vendors within a Windows-based desktop, laptop or virtualized environment. Dragon Medical One returns fast, accurate speech-to-text for athenaClinicals as well as Microsoft Office or other desktop applications — speeding documentation inside and outside of the EHR, across clinical workflows, care settings, devices and applications. One-click installation and clinicians simply place the cursor in the desired field and start dictating. Clinicians use voice commands to select, amend and alter content.

For clinicians who want fast, accurate speech recognition within athenaClinicals, with other EHRs and other applications outside the EHR, seamlessly leverage both Dragon Medical solutions for the optimal experience.

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