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Nod is a complete suite of telemedicine tools for delivering virtual care for specialists and their patients. Designed for Specialists by Specialists, Nod was built for efficiency. The system features an automated front office with patient self-scheduling, smart assignments, co-pay collection, insurance verification, and the most efficient way to take notes during your visit. With our Athena integration, all of your patient information and notes are transferred from Nod to Athena with no extra work. Plus, our facility marketplace allows you to see patients in SNFs, Hospitals, and more in addition to seeing them at home.

Adding telemedicine to your practice should be easy. With Nod, a physician helped lead the technology team to ensure the system was simple and efficient. You deserve a smart telemedicine platform designed to let you focus on delivering high-quality patient care with speed.

"Nod is truly one of the most impressive systems I've seen." – Raj Garg, MD

Our features include:

  • Automated Front Office
  • Patient Self Scheduling
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Ready
  • Marketplace to expand your patient volume
  • Fast notes during video visits
  • Automated Front Office
  • Patients check your provider availability, self-schedule their appointment, verify insurance, and pay co-pay, all on their own.

Accelerate Your Charting - With our Athena integration, you no longer have to juggle multiple screens to begin your notes. Chart and place orders right from the video screen

Athenahealth Integrated - Your schedules, patient information, orders, and notes are all synced in your EHR.

New Practice Model - Teleport from an outpatient clinic in the city to a hospital upstate to a nursing home across the country.

Strengthen Your Brand - Patients never leave your (web)site with our embeddable booking widget.

HD Quality Video - Our centralized processing server can handle multiple HD streams with ease.

Up to 50 Guests - Invite family members, translators, other physicians, and more.

No Downloads Needed - You and your patients join your visit straight from your web browser.

Control your availability - Set your schedule, block off vacation, and more.

Go live instantly - Start a video visit with anyone in the world in a second.

Inpatient or Outpatient - Flexible to work how you do.

Flexible Times - Adjust the time of your new and follow-up appointments.

HIPAA-Compliant - Your patient data is secure and private.

256-Bit Encrypted - Digitally certified through DigiCert with all pages forced through SSL cryptographic protocols.

Top Tier Stability - Our infrastructure is the same behind powerhouse companies like Netflix, Dow Jones, ESPN, and Tesla.

Cloud-Based Telehealth - No apps to download. No tricky IT requirements. Works out of the box with all of the most popular browsers and devices

Practice Your Way - Nod sends data into your EHR so you can practice business as usual. Our deep Athenahealth integration means you get the best of both worlds.

To get Started, visit NodInnovations.com or call 602-777-3969

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