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Care Plan Management


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Integrate with NeuroFlow today! Place orders directly in athenahealth to invite patients to NeuroFlow’s mobile app and get data right back in their chart as they complete assignments or when you become eligible for reimbursement.

NeuroFlow offers a collaborative care platform automating reimbursable behavioral health integration (BHI) activities for providers and clinicians. The HIPAA-compliant technology facilitates remote patient monitoring to support behavioral health access and engagement in all care settings in order to improve patient outcomes, increase reimbursement revenue, and enhance overall wellness.

Patient Facing Mobile Application

Empower your patients with an award-winning digital health application for tracking, assessing, and managing their overall wellness. NeuroFlow offers fun, mobile, and easy to use tools that guide and support your journey towards an improved, more holistic well-being. With NeuroFlow, your patients can:

  • Track their mood, sleep, and pain
  • Earn redeemable rewards and gift cards
  • Access helpful video and audio guides
  • Use journals, mindfulness and other tools
  • Build mental wellness skills and habits

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) and progress is shared with clinicians to track progress, guide treatment, and automate reimbursement for providing measurement-based, integrated care thanks to new collaborative care CPT codes.

Remote Patient Monitoring Tool

Providers can remotely assign validated screenings and questionnaires including (but not limited to) the PHQ, GAD, DASS, AUDIT-C, DERS, PCL, WHO-5, Edinburgh, YBOCS, DAST-10, and PQLESQ. Patient generated data on the app helps providers remotely track and assess a patient’s progress over time and adjust treatment plans accordingly. Templates are Order Sets that allow providers to assign a curriculum of activities and questionnaires focused on addressing certain diagnoses.

Leverage applied AI to maximize efficiency, decrease costs, and improve outcomes. Providers and health systems can monitor their progress, adjust treatment plans as needed, and track the billing and reimbursement activities generated through the platform. The platform is being used in 1,000+ clinical settings across the country, For more information, visit for more information, visit www.neuroflow.com

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