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Care Plan Management


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IntegrateHealth is NeuroFlow’s web-based collaborative care platform and decision support tool automating reimbursable behavioral health integration activities for providers and clinicians operating in non-behavioral health settings. The HIPAA-compliant technology facilitates remote patient monitoring to support behavioral health access and engagement in all care settings, effectively improving outcomes, overall wellness, and cost of care.

Patient Facing Mobile Application

The patient facing side of the platform consists of a mobile app on iOS and Android devices (also available via mobile web) that patients can use to better manage and take control of their mental wellness and holistic health. The platform includes several activities that providers can assign to patients during or in between appointments, or that patients can simply complete as often as they wish from the comfort of their homes. These activities include journal entries (private or viewable by the provider as decided by the patient), guided breathing, trackers for mood, sleep, stress and heart rate that allow patients and providers to automatically view trends over time; audio and video clips focused on topics such as meditation, breathing, compassion, or anything a provider would like to assign.

Patients see a list of assigned activities on the dashboard of the app as well as a to-do list on a separate page. They can also complete any other activities they’d like by visiting the activities page of the app. Another page includes a list of general crisis resources such as the Suicide Prevention Hotline, Crisis Text Line, Veteran Crisis Line, and several more. Additionally, patients can earn rewards for using the app and completing activities, which they can later redeem for gift cards and other real world rewards. Patient generated data and progress is then fed back into a web app that providers and clinicians can use to track progress, improve treatment, and get reimbursed for providing measurement-based care thanks to new collaborative care CPT codes.

Provider Facing Web Dashboard

Providers can also assign validated screenings and questionnaires including (but not limited to) the PHQ-9, GAD-7, DASS-21, AUDIT-C, DERS, PCL, WHO-5, Edinburgh, YBOCS, DAST-10, and PQLESQ. With these questionnaires, providers can get an initial baseline of a patient’s status and utilize remote monitoring to see how their patients are doing longitudinally in between appointments. And, if a patient’s results mark them as urgent or at-risk, the provider can be proactively notified. These activities and questionnaires can also be assigned via templates. Templates allow providers to group activities together and assign a series of activities and questionnaires to one or multiple patients with a customized cadence and a focus on addressing certain diagnoses.

NeuroFlow’s dedication to data science helps deliver a transformative behavioral health experience for our clinical partners. We perform sentiment analysis, generate severity scores, and develop other insightful tools to maximize efficiency, decrease costs, and improve outcomes. Providers and systems can monitor their progress, adjust treatment plans as needed, and track the billing and reimbursement activities generated through the platform.

NeuroFlow’s platform is currently being used in over 600 clinical settings, with flagship clinical customers including Relievus Pain Management, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

For more information, visit for more information, visit https://www.neuroflowsolution.com/

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