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Clinical Decision Support


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AI Creates a New Vision For Primary Care: Patient Portraits of Stunning Simplicity

Medically-informed AI restructures chaotic information into an immediately clear, diagnostically-linked, actionable Patient Portrait.

Navina integrates with your AthenaHealth EHR. Base-level data is transformed into accurate visual representations and insights at the point of care.

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What exactly is a Patient Portrait?

It’s a concise, contextually relevant, actionable clinical summary of patients’ data. It elevates the quality of care and increases reimbursement and compliance.

Four Key Benefits

Holistic clinical summary - the entirety and complexity of each patient’s data and history - at a glance

Diagnostically linked - diagnoses, along with labs, medications, notes and tests are contextually displayed for a rapid in-depth assessment

Unlocks Unstructured data – easy to search and extract information from all sources - scanned documents, consult notes, hospital notes, labs, imaging and tests.

Actionable recommendations - our AI generates insights that identify possible care and RAP gaps, potential diagnoses and quality issues

Navina solves issues that Athena cares about

More than half of providers report burnout Eliminate EHR data-hunting. With Navina, you can set up each visit for a rewarding and effective experience in a fraction of the time you're spending now.

Putting the patient first That means making sure nothing gets missed. Navina highlights and suggests diagnoses which may have been overlooked. It surfaces information from scanned documents such as discharge reports and test results, making sure providers are made instantly aware of the entirety of the patient’s history.

Improved financials By capturing diagnoses that accurately reflect patient risk, Navina increases HCC-RAF scores and improves compliance with quality measures. It also accurately captures the encounter complexity - directly affecting E&M coding. This translates into thousands of dollars in savings per provider per month.

Proven ROI of over 5x

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