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Clinical Decision Support

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Navina is first operating system that enhances the clinician’s workflow by automating data capture and analysis. Navina’s operating system aggregates data from all available data sources into a single clinical snapshot, highlighting critical information and delivering it to the clinician at the point of care.

The ability to read only the information needed for the patient visit, without missing a thing, has significant implications for every clinician:

  • Eliminate revenue and diagnostic under coding resulting in an average of 8% higher revenue.
  • Restore the doctor/patient relationship by reducing visit prep by as much as 20%.
  • Enable team-based care by creating an up-to-date, comprehensive clinical summary at each patient encounter.
  • Reduce burnout by reducing 25% mouse clicks per day, in addition to computer time reduction

Navina supports Value-Based Care, Risk-Based Care, and Risk Management

Navina supports:

  1. Team Care including specialist consultants and hospital care
  2. Supports moving from clinical integration to clinical collaboration
  3. Supports risk management initiatives
  4. Provides patients with a clinical summary when traveling, visiting a self-referred specialist or acute episode through hospital Emergency Departments if included in their portal
  5. Chronic Care Management
  6. Transitional Care managemen
  7. Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring
  8. E&M (Evaluation and Management) Code Optimization
  9. RAF Score Optimization

Clinical Decision Support, Care Coordination
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