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MyCarePlan by Qure4u

MyCarePlan by Qure4u



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300+ practices use this product.

MyCarePlan is an All-in-one Patient Experience Platform and the Top-rated Marketplace partner!

We empower healthcare providers to be the change in their communities by equipping them with smart digital tools that will enable their patients to become more engaged through their entire care journey.

Our Digital Platform includes all the tools you need to interact and optimize care before, during, and after office visits. All integrated with athenahealth so you can continue to do what you do best.

Qure4u's flexible platform allows your patients to engage where they are via a white-label App or their web browser.

"A Digital Front Door" for you and your patients All the digital tools you need to improve office efficiencies, lower your cost, and increase patient flow.

  • Digital check-in from anywhere
  • Real-time mobile/digital self-scheduling
  • Collection of patient payments with no fees
  • Consent forms with digital signature

Telehealth and Secure Messaging: Interacting with patients and providing quality remote care has never been easier, from simple questions to routine follow-ups, all can be done easily within the App via Telehealth or through secure messaging.

New! COVID-19/CoronaVirus Emergency Telehealth Package Available:

  • No “per Usage” Fees
  • Zero set-up fees for practices with 3 or more physicians
  • Free training included with subscription
  • Can be used as a stand-alone or integrate with our full platform
  • Optimized video technology that can be used with low internet bandwidth
  • Easy-to-use for you and your patients, think HIPAA-compliant FaceTime
  • Call us today and be up and running ASAP

Want to learn more about Qure4u's Telehealth solution? Visit our website and schedule a demo, or watch the emergency telehealth package webinar

Remote Patient Monitoring and Care Management: MyCarePlan makes it effortless to manage patients with chronic conditions and or improving patient self-care pre and post-procedure by automatically collecting patients' vitals via BlueTooth device or by patients manually inputting their data.

All data is then instantly transferred to the patient's chart; any data that is out of range is automatically flag and sent to your care team for review.

Patient Collections: MyCarePlan helps you improve cash flow by assisting collect patient payments efficiently with no additional fees. MyCarePlan prompts patients to pay their co-pay before their appointments and sends reminders and payment options to patients with overdue balances, all within the App.

Document Outcomes: Patient-reported outcomes are becoming more and more central to quality measures and payment models. Qure4u allows you to efficiently document patient outcomes, meet qualified measures, and ultimately negotiate better contracts.

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