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MyCarePlan by Qure4u

MyCarePlan by Qure4u

Digital Check-in


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200+ practices use this product.

Do you want to improve patient engagement, Optimize Care between visits, and increase patient outcomes all within the same app?

Qure4u is Smart-Care for you and your patients! One app that includes all the tools you need to interact with your patients and optimize care between office visits:

  • Check-in, Payment collections and Health history forms
  • Care Plans and Protocols
  • Clinical questionnaires and surveys
  • Integration with devices and wearables
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Secure messaging and Telehealth
  • Online scheduling and more

All integrated with athenaHealth so you and your staff can continue to do what you are best at and Qure4u will make sure that the patients now also can do their part of the work.

With Qure4u you can expect up to 82% of your patients engaged online.

The Qure4u platform delivers clinical awareness of targeted patient health factors to both patients and providers, drives patient compliance, and provides clinical team oversight and efficient remote engagement. 

Increase Compliance - give your patients a self-care app With Qure4u your patients know exactly what to do at home.

For example – when to take medication, measure vitals, do specific exercises, or fill out forms – the mobile app notifies patients at scheduled times according to their care plan, guiding and supporting them for better adherence.

All patient responses are captured and saved as discrete data so you can use it for analysis and documentation.

Identify Patients at-Risk Whether you are managing patients with chronic conditions or want to improve patient self-care pre- and post-procedure, we have the solution to automatically flag patients needing attention for improved outcomes.

Patient-reported outcome data is collected from connected devices, direct patient questions, survey instruments and via automated messaging.

Our intelligent monitoring system will alert your clinical team in near real time with a dashboard showing patients outside specified ranges.

Improve Communications Many simple questions or routine follow-ups can be done via a telehealth call or through secure messaging.

The communication tools are built into the patient self-care app making it very easy to interact with patients, and help them when they need it.

Schedule patient video calls from within your EMR, or from within our platform. Click a button, and start the conversation

Document Outcomes The world is data-driven. Patient interaction, patient health determinants and patient reported outcomes are becoming more and more central to quality measures and payment models.

Qure4u brings the patient seamlessly into the equation, and the data follows. Document your patient outcomes, meet your quality measures and negotiate better contracts.

For more information please visit our website - https://www.qure4u.com

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