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Mobius Clinic – The Remote Control for EMRs

Mobius Clinic – The Remote Control for EMRs



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200+ practices use this product.

Mobius adds unparalleled speech-to-text to athenaClinicals as well as dozens of modern, mobile tools that close encounters faster and get physicians home on time.

Providers who use Mobius on their mobile device get full access to patient charts and encounters so they can reduce their computer usage in the exam room.

Our users report an average 70% reduction in keyboarding time due to our unbeatable speech-to-text service and our dozens of physician-designed features.

Mobius’s other mobile enhancements for athenaHealth providers and their staff include:

  • Mobile Speech-to-Text: Dictate into any chart with complete access to past documentation, text macros, and templates.
  • Desktop Speech-to-Text: Dictate into any software on your Windows or Macintosh desktop computer using your mobile devices as your microphone.
  • Vital Sign Collection: Automatically collect vital signs from compatible Bluetooth devices.
  • Chart Access: Review and update Allergies, Medications, Family History, Social History, etc.
  • Photo Capture: Safely capture images instantly to the patient chart.
  • Document Uploads: Eliminate the cumbersome process of generating and printing barcodes. With one tap, you can now scan any document directly into a patient's chart. You can also sign documents, dictate letters, and more.
  • Custom Literature: Replace your paper packets and easily send secure literature to your patients about their conditions. Customize your own links, attachments, and product recommendations.
  • Capture & Review Imaging from Any PACS: Save images from any PACS directly to the patient's chart, and easily review or share them with the patient.
  • Follow-up Tickler and Appointment Scheduling: Schedule a follow-up appointment with 3 taps and without waiting for a single page to load.
  • Tasks & Orders: Send orders to your EMR, ready for your staff to work on and complete.
  • Staff Paging: Let your team know that you need them with a quick double-tap. The alert automatically includes which exam room you’re in.
  • Diagnoses Entry: Select an existing or favorite diagnosis, or, search for a new one. Also, you can quickly associate diagnoses with your preferred ICD codes.
  • Billing Code Entry: Quickly enter CPT codes, ICD-10 codes, and modifiers. Great for surgeons who want to enter charges directly.
  • Doximity Integration: With our new partnership with Doximity, you can now call your patients without sharing your personal cell number. Even better, it will populate your office phone number on their caller ID.
  • House-Call Tools: If you need to quickly access your patient’s contact information or address, a single tap can route you via your preferred mapping app.
  • And much, much more.

If there’s something else you were looking for, please let us know! Chances are high that we are already busy building it in, and if not, we are always looking for more ways to improve your clinical workflow.

speech-to-text, Clinical Device Integration, Patient Flow, Transcription
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