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Mobius Clinic – The Remote Control for EMRs

Mobius Clinic – The Remote Control for EMRs



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We’re thrilled to provide the first-ever mobile template feature for athenahealth users. You can now document patient visits using speech-to-text and use your templates from your iPhone (or iPad). –June 14, 2018

Mobius Clinic is the revolutionary app that’s proven to eliminate up to 90% of keyboarding and computer distraction from every patient visit. It turns the phone in your pocket into ‘a remote control for your EMR.’ Nearly every task -- from recording vital signs to updating charts -- is instantly sent to the Athena in real-time with no typing, writing, or manual image uploading! You get back hours of precious time for medical, not clerical tasks.

But Mobius does more. Our next-generation medical dictation system called “Scribe” instantly places your words into Athena without mistakes or omissions – from anywhere at any time! Altogether, Mobius reduces liability, increases insurance approval rates, and enables more stress-free interaction between providers and patients. You can input twice the data in half the time.

Mobius’s Next-Generation ‘Scribe’ Dictation: The world’s most reliable speech-to-text medical dictation -- with deep learning/neural net technology that adapts to your voice patterns -- is now instantly available on the Mobius app at half the cost of any other leading transcription service. Your words appear on the screen and the text is immediately sent to the patient’s chart. Scribe not only makes it faster to dictate, charts that took hours to transcribe and close are now done in minutes. Dictate for HPI, ROS, PE, and A&P quickly for each patient with unlimited usage for a flat monthly rate.

Instant and Automatic Charting: The advent of dynamic, mobile charting takes clinical documentation to a new level. With Mobius, just use your phone to snap any number of high-res photos that are instantly uploaded to Athena and stored safely. In the same way, a single tap on your mobile device can update demographics, allergies, medications, medical history, and the rest of the patient chart. Mobius also links any PACS directly to Athena so you can quickly save those images as well.

Instant Vital Sign Collection: In less than 45 seconds, Mobius Clinic automatically collects a complete set of vitals from every patient using Bluetooth®- medical devices. Data include measurements for blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, weight, glucometry and more.

Patient Status in Your Pocket: Mobius keeps your whole office in sync by tracking the “who, what, and where” of patients, staff, and doctors throughout the day. Your mobile device shows you what tasks are pending, to whom they’re assigned, where they’re scheduled, and when they’re complete. The result is increased staff efficiency and reduced wait-times for everyone.

Fifteen Minute Set-Up You control Mobius Clinic like any simple mobile app. Set-up takes as little as 15 minutes.

Mobius Clinic takes the wasted time and effort out of today’s medical office workflow. With over 4 years of in-office, physician-driven development, our platform has proven to be an indispensable tool that doctors, staff, and patients love to use every day.

Making your medical workflow faster, easier, and better is all we do at Mobius MD.

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