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MIPSPRO by Healthmonix

MIPSPRO by Healthmonix

Reporting and Analytics


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Drive higher incentives and better patient outcomes through MIPSpro® analytics and reporting. We offer the full set of MIPs measures and activities, along with a holistic approach to value-based payments with a straight-forward integration with athenahealth.

MIPS is getting harder. Due to the performance threshold increase from 45 points to 60 points and benchmarks rising, it’s more difficult to avoid the penalty in 2021 and harder to achieve an incentive. The good news is that despite the program becoming more challenging, organizations can now see real ROI on their participation and up to a 7.36% increase on 2023 Medicare payments, for exceptional performers. However, a new approach is required for success. With Healthmonix as your reporting and data integration partner, you can conquer MIPS in this new landscape.

Conquer the new MIPS landscape with much more than software

No matter where you are in your MIPS journey, MIPSpro and the Heathmonix approach to value-based payments have you covered. We provide a wide range of services to not only help with MIPS reporting and submission, but also improve your score. Our years of unmatched experience enable you to take the next steps in value-based care.

The MIPSpro® Qualified Registry and QCDR are Healthmonix’s first step in helping you conquer MIPS: • Expanded selection of Quality measures including ALL Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs), Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) and exclusive Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) measures. Track performance on and submit Quality measures not supported directly through athenahealth, leading to more flexibility for specialty providers and additional opportunities to increase your score.

• Ability to integrate Quality measure data from multiple sources, starting at any point during the reporting year.

• Real-time dashboard and MIPS scoring provide timely insight into provider and group measure performance, as well as CMS scoring estimation. Use this functionality to make adjustments during the reporting year, improve care and increase measure performance.

• Drill down capabilities and advanced analytics provide gap analysis, ability to identify areas of high quality, and actionable insights for areas needing improvement.

• Peer comparison delivers industry-leading analytics bringing valuable real-time insight into performance.

• Integration with athenahealth and other leading EHRs enables seamless data exchange and minimizes the reporting burden.

• Data validation and submission included. Immediate feedback after submission revealing CMS’s initial scoring.

• Industry-leading support team that is U.S. based and delivers hands on training and problem resolution.

Experience you can trust.

MIPSpro has been a CMS MIPS qualified registry since 2009. We validate participant’s data based upon years of experience and current reporting rules, ensuring you can report MIPS with confidence. Our unparalleled success rate, industry leading solutions, and world-class support have placed Healthmonix consistently as one of the 5 largest CMS registries.

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