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Inventory Management

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The MinibarRx is a unique Inventory Management System embedded in a Smart-Medical Grade Refrigerator.

System works 24/7, providing real-time product levels, identifies when products need to be ordered, automatically places re-orders, resulting in optimizes inventory levels, and minimized investment / risk in inventory. Automated reordering requests are electronically sent directly to partnered Physician Distributors & Manufacturers, with shipment details electronically sent directly to the MinibarRx for efficient and accurate restocking.

The MinibarRx records temperatures every ten minutes with 144 daily recorded temperatures. System supports both Private and VFC inventories, and reconciliations are made easier with reports summarizing inventory by Product and by Lot Number.

The MinibarRx system integrates with your athenaClinicals® patient record, helping you save time in recording lot numbers, expiration dates, and helps to identify those patients needing outreach.

  • Refrigerator offers a user-authenticated digital locking door with 24/7 temperature monitoring, integrated product ordering, compliance and inventory reporting.
  • Refrigerator can hold all CDC suggested refrigerated vaccines at once, in addition to most vials and pre-filled syringes.
  • athenaNet® encounter form integration that captures patient – level dispensing via 2d bar code
  • All repairs, hardware and software upgrades, and yearly recalibration expenses provided

There are two workflows available:

  1. A click-thru link will appear on the left navigation bar of the Patient Encounter in athenaClinicals for MiniBarRX
  2. The user will select from a drop-down of drugs or vaccines available in the refrigerator
  3. The Lot# and Expiration date will be captured into the patient record upon user acceptance


  1. The user will capture the lot# and expiration date via a 2d scanner gun directly into the patient encounter in athenaClinicals. Scanner guns are sold separately.
  2. Behind the scenes, the MinibarRX portal will acquire the information from the patient record, and update the inventory system automatically.

Inventory Management
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