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Midmark IQ Digital Diagnostic Devices

Midmark IQ Digital Diagnostic Devices

Clinical Device Integration

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Midmark IQ Digital Diagnostic devices are designed to be user-friendly and expand with your practice as it grows and changes. Help save time and improve your clinical workflow with the seamless integration of Midmark IQecg®, IQspiro®, IQholter® and IQvitals® into athenaClinicals®.

  • Transfer diagnostic test results as editable files directly to athenaClinicals patient chart
  • Help reduce transcription errors
  • Help save time by reducing steps in your clinical and IT workflows

The Midmark line of digital diagnostic devices are designed to enable quick test administration and data capture with innovative features that help clinicians make informed medical decisions. Seamless integration into athenaClinicals also helps save you time by improving clinical and IT workflows. 

Features include:

  • IQecg® - Digital, 12-lead ECG. Auto-interpret and analyze data for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients.
  • IQspiro® - Lightweight design. Detailed test results with auto interpretation assists in accurate diagnosis.
  • IQholter® - Three tiers of Holter solutions. Compact recorder with on-screen leads and channel identification for speed and simplicity during patient hookup.
  • IQvitals® - Multi-parameter, automated vital signs device. Lightweight and portable with flexible mounting options to meet the needs of any clinical environment.

When you have completed signing up with Midmark, please reference this document to connect your new device.

Clinical Device Integration, Chronic Care Management
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