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Meet Eleanor by Merit.ai.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Eleanor is the first and only multilingual appointment management and scheduling virtual assistant for your clinic that is available 24 hours a day and works even when your staff isn’t.

No more apps to download, no portals to log in to

Eleanor is available via phone and text, either using your existing clinic’s number or a new/dedicated number, as well as through online chat (directly through your website or through your practice’s Facebook page). She can handle a variety of scheduling and appointment related tasks, and just like they would with a human staff member, all patients need to do is to have a simple conversation with her. She’s also smart enough to make outbound calls on behalf of your clinic to make sure patients don’t miss their appointment.

Best of all, Eleanor speaks fluent English and Spanish (French coming soon), making it even easier for your patients to interact with your clinic.

Save time, save money

Clinic staff spend on average 8.1 minutes per scheduling call that comes in. The time wasted can cost over $100,000 a year for just a 5 provider practice. With Eleanor, staff save dozens of hours a week on these time-consuming tasks, and allow them to focus on more important high-value tasks.



  • Patients can call or text Eleanor and she can help them schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments, without ever requiring them to speak with a human in the office
  • Our intelligent system uses your existing clinic’s scheduling rules, negating the need for any human intervention
  • Patients can request specific visit types, specify day/time preferences, provider preferences or location preferences


  • Eleanor will call or text patients (based on their preferences and what they’ve opted into) and remind them of their upcoming appointments, and mark their confirmation status directly in athenahealth.
  • If patients are unable to make their appointment, Eleanor will allow them to reschedule or cancel in the same conversation, saving your clinic staff even more time

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