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Merge Unity

Merge Unity


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Merge Unity is an integrated RIS-PACS-Reporting platform with a comprehensive radiology workflow and advanced imaging capabilities. Built as a smart IT turnkey solution, Merge Unity reduces the need for high maintenance resources and multiple vendor contracts.

  • Grow your business efficiently with an end-to-end solution that automates your practice and measures its performance.
  • Reduce turnaround time by empowering physicians with one reading platform built from a radiologist point of view.
  • Expedite reporting by leveraging extensive templates, voice recognition and a data pre-population engine.

Merge Unity is an all-in-one RIS-PACS-Reporting platform made of:

Merge Unity RIS: a comprehensive radiology workflow solution which improves efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction throughout the patient journey including the appointment creation, result distribution, business analytics, and patient/referring physician portals. Designed as a scalable end-to-end solution, Merge Unity RIS reduces operational budget needs by consolidating systems and minimizing overhead.

Merge Unity PACS: a robust PACS solution designed from a radiologist point of view that eliminates the need for multiple reading platforms and minimizes workflow interruptions. Intended to best assist radiologists, Merge Unity PACS eliminates low value steps and provides crucial imaging tools that enable physicians to read more images with less effort.

Merge Unity Instant Reporter: an advanced clinical reporting platform that enables radiologists to focus more on reading images and less on generating reports. More than just a sophisticated voice recognition engine or a templated reporting solution, Instant Reporter is fully integrated with the Merge Unity solution to improve radiologists' workflow, turnaround time, and report accuracy.

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