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Mend AI No-Show/Cancel Predictor & Appt. Reminders

Mend AI No-Show/Cancel Predictor & Appt. Reminders


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  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • FQHC
  • Psychiatry
  • Behavioral Health


Capabilities: Scheduling, Patient Communications, Telehealth

The combined average no-show and cancellation rate in the U.S. and globally is 23%. That is the equivalent to losing 1 out of every 4 patients scheduled, almost one full week per month, or just shy of three full months per year. These wasted slots create wait times for other patients and affect the bottom line of almost every healthcare organization that schedules appointments.

PredictiveIQ reviews basic demographic and appointment data easily accessible from your master scheduling system.

As soon as PredictiveIQ receives the appointment, an initial prediction is made with 90+% accuracy. The algorithms run millions of times to improve accuracy and make small adjustments specific to your organization.

Your organization can now look at your schedule days or weeks out and understand what appointments are at risk of non-attendance.

Mend can automatically engage differently with both low- and high-risk appointments. Mend will pursue high-risk appointments more intelligently to gather confirmations and cancellations. Adjusting the reminder content (SMS, email, and phone) based on risk moves the predictive accuracy to as high as 99%.

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