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Memora Health

Memora Health

Patient Communications

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Capabilities: Patient Communications

Memora Health’s solution offers an innovative, fully comprehensive way to support patients through digitized and automated care journeys. Care journeys are designed to reinforce patient adherence to their care plan, provide education about their care, and proactively prompt for symptom reporting. Patients engage via their preferred channel -- text (SMS/MMS), IVR, email, or web portal -- and Memora Health intelligently delivers the care journeys through its AI-powered, HIPAA-compliant communication platform.

For patients, Memora Health differentiates itself by taking a true patient-centric engagement-first approach to successfully implement, sustain, and scale its programs while supporting patients in their care journey. On the provider and care team side, Memora offers a full orchestration layer, letting organizations move away from siloed point solutions that make operations and data integration extremely complex to manage. Care teams access Memora either directly using any web browser on a mobile device, laptop, computer or via Athenahealth. On the platform, care teams use the Memora Health Dashboard to manage enrolled patients with intelligent triaging that identifies the most-concerning patients first. Care teams additionally can view and manage outreach, live chat with patients, and instantly collaborate with other care team members. Memora Health's users find our platform to be the most comprehensive in the industry for meeting the needs of an entire patient panel or population with varying levels of engagement needs.

Uniquely, Memora Health delivers workflow and operational efficiency to care teams together with the patient communication platform, care journeys, virtual care infrastructure, and remote monitoring capabilities in a way that has not been done by competitive platforms. This comprehensive approach coupled with advanced natural language processing technical capabilities allows Memora Health to successfully address the main barriers that often prevent stand-alone engagement programs from delivering on their promise. Specifically, Memora Health delivers:

  1. Engagement-first approach – Memora’s solution is grounded in motivational interviewing techniques and uses an easy, non-app-based frontend (SMS) that delivers high patient activation, adoption, and engagement rates.

  2. Intelligent data reconciliation – Memora Health reconciles and validates patient-reported data to make information actionable. Our platform supports automation where possible to give clinical teams the ability to focus on human-needed interventions. Memora Health’s ability to intelligently triage and escalate patient concerns in real-time allows for improved workflow efficiency for clinical teams and ensures an improved patient experience.

  3. Flexible scaling, mitigated costs – Memora’s AI-based communication platform enables rapid scaling of patient-reported data collection across expanded populations giving care teams more flexibility to dial-up or dial-down the intensity of patient outreach and support based on patient need while mitigating costs at the same time.

With Memora Health, healthcare organizations can expect high patient engagement (91%) and activation rates (92%), exceptional care team satisfaction rates (96%), increased staff efficiency (2.5 hours per FTE per day saved), reduced clinical messages sent (40% reduction), and $670 in new revenue per patient.

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