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Telephone Triage


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MedXCom is the most advanced athenaClinicals®-integrated medical answering service available on the market today. When a patient calls in the middle of the night, MedXCom automatically reaches into athenaClinicals, grabs that patient’s chart, and displays it directly on your smartphone in real time. MedXCom also generates a recording of your conversation with the patient, and pushes it back to the athenaClinicals chart automatically, along with any post call notes you make. This seamless integration of technologies can help to reduce potential errors and improve patient safety.

  • Up to a 10% premium discount now offered through multiple medical malpractice insurers for using MedXCom
  • Real-time smartphone display of patient medical records as calls are received or made
  • Voice messages, call recordings, and post-call notes are automatically saved into athenaClinicals

Half the cost of a traditional answering service, MedXCom is revolutionary in its integration with athenaClinicals.

  • To begin, providers simply access MedXCom via the free smartphone apps (iOS or Android™ platform)
  • The provider then easily selects how/when they want to be reached after hours
  • Non-urgent voice messages are securely filtered to a mailbox for review during normal business hours
  • Urgent calls are quickly routed to the on-call provider via their user-specific call rules
  • Patient’s medical records are simultaneously pulled from athenaClinicals and displayed for the provider to review via their smartphone app
  • A screening voice message left by the patient is played for the provider to review before deciding whether to connect with the patient, or to defer the callback to a later time
  • When the on-call provider connects with the patient, the conversation is recorded and automatically stored in the patient’s athenaClinicals chart

The landscape of healthcare is rapidly changing and our insurance partners care about helping you mitigate your areas of exposure, which is why they are offering up to a 10% risk management discount off of your annual premium when you use both MedXCom and athenaClinicals. Contact us for a list of participating insurers.

iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

Telephone Triage, After-Hours Care, Patient Communications
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