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Patient Education

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Meducation® makes understanding how to take medications intuitive and simple, to reduce medication errors, and improve medication adherence and patient health outcomes.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to understand with patient-specific (Sig-based) medication instructions written at the 5th-8th grade reading level
  • Engaging and intuitive formats, such as a calendar summarizing a patient’s entire medication regimen, with pictograms and videos of medication techniques to convey information simply
  • Address patients with limited English proficiency, by providing instruction in over 20 languages
  • Get up and running quickly, with seamless athenaClinicals® integration, so that materials can be delivered to patients electronically or printed, without interrupting your workflow.

Access Meducation within athenaClinicals in two ways:

  • In the encounter workflow, to give the patient instructions on their newly prescribed medications.
  • In the Patient Chart or Quickview, when you want to create a calendar summarizing a patient’s entire medication regimen.

Once triggered, Meducation automatically generates patient-specific materials. An interface is presented that you can use to further tailor content for the patient in a number of options, including:

  • Creating in over 20 languages
  • Adding indication if it wasn’t specified in athena
  • Adding auxiliary instructions (e.g., “take with food,” etc.)
  • Increasing font size for elderly or vision-impaired patients

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