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Provider Credentialing

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  • Cardiology


Capabilities: Provider Credentialing, Compliance

MedTrainer is an all-in-one compliance management system that provides a broad set of tools designed to seamlessly achieve compliance and improve communication among your organization. Have instant access to your company’s operation and assign training courses, manage incident reports, keep track of staff activity, digitally sign documents, restrict file access, and reduce printing costs!

How we do it:

MedTrainer provides the roadmap to compliance through a set of tools that solve the pain-points related to it.

Game-changing benefits:

  • Get the most out of the Provider Credentialing tool, and quickly import provider information to MedTrainer´s built-in surveying system, get access to databases and track all credentialing aspects.
  • Get top-quality learning material that encompasses everything from compliance training to premium courseware that touches on current topics such as the ongoing Opioids Crisis.
  • Easily upload, assign, store, and sign all kinds of documents with the Documents and Policies tool.
  • Keep track of incidents with Incident Reports. Create custom escalation matrices, create accurate incident reports that are OSHA-compliant and ensure proper resolutions.
  • Manage thousands of Safety Data Sheets that are already held in our platform for immediate access.
  • Control your facility´s assets with Equipment Lifecycle Management and achieve optimal functioning of equipment.
  • With Safety Plan tool, cover potential harmful situations in your facilities, and provide the appropriate means to ensure your staff is prepared to handle them.
  • Use Contract Management to create new policies and procedures, track contract versions, and keep files at hand for digitally signing and accepting.

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