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Medsien: CCM Simplified

Medsien: CCM Simplified

Chronic Care Management


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Medsien helps practices rapidly implement Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs for Medicare patients without incremental administrative work. Our turnkey solution is an opportunity to intelligently increase revenue for your practice (with no extra time or upfront investment) while simultaneously improving the quality of patient care.

Medsien provides a hybrid software and staffing model (including all Certified Medical Assistants to perform the CCM monthly check-ins) to enable your practice to provide these valuable CCM services to your patients and receive reimbursement from Medicare (~$40-$50 per eligible patient per month).

With Medsien, practices can expect the following benefits:

  • Significant new revenue opportunity for the practice
  • Improved patient satisfaction and retention
  • Increased revenue per practice staff member
  • Absolutely no upfront investment or software implementation
  • No significant changes to practice workflow

Medsien’s Certified Medical Assistants check in with the patient for 20 minutes per month to keep track of and document changes to chronic conditions. This is beneficial to both patient care and satisfaction and can be accomplished with minimal effort by providers or staff when partnering with Medsien.

Medsien Dashboard Highlights:

  • Eligible patients identification
  • One-click Care Plan approval
  • Automated tracking for audit and compliance purposes
  • Built-in timer automatically logs your time in Athena
  • Recorded phone calls directly from Medsien’s dashboard
  • Automated billing via AthenaNet to maximize reimbursements
  • One-click access to Medsien’s CCM dashboard from AthenaNet via SSO
  • Real-time data integration with AthenaNet

In summary, Medsien can help your practice enroll a higher percentage of your eligible patients -- while simultaneously avoiding the expensive and complicated administrative burden of having your own staff attempt to set up and manage a CCM program by themselves.

Easy to Implement Process:

  • Simple, 1-day integration with AthenaNet
  • Absolutely no upfront investment
  • Easily accessible training seminars and video walkthroughs
  • Dedicated customer support team

Request an intro conversation to learn how Medsien can enable rapid implementation of profitable CCM solutions for your practice and meaningful care and support for your patients with chronic conditions.

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