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Medsien - CCM powered by AI

Medsien - CCM powered by AI

Chronic Care Management

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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Medsien empowers you to administer the CCM program by optimizing care coordination among your care team and your patient population.

We MINIMIZE providers time to make the CCM program financially feasible. This helps you generate up to $300K annually in additional revenue per provider.

We proactively monitor and visualize patients most relevant metrics and notify providers about significant changes in patients’ conditions in real time. We seamlessly connect to AthenaNet, aggregate and curate patient's risks and trends in one simple dashboard to help providers get the full picture and make decisions, quickly.

This is possible through a network of advanced AI and data analysis algorithms that are constantly monitoring patients and automating the current manual processes in the care circle.

Some of our FEATURES include:

  • Smart Web-based platform that works on computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Identifying the list of CCM eligible patients, with chronic conditions automatically pulled from AthenaNet
  • Intelligent care plan builder that syncs all important data from patient charts including problems, medications, etc. from AthenaNet
  • Compliant with Medicare guidelines and regulations
  • A simplified overview of all patients most recent and relevant metrics in one page
  • Automatically tracks time and the activity being done
  • Patients are sorted intelligently based on the level of attention they need
  • Automated reminders for patient surveys
  • Smart surveys based on patient conditions
  • Syncs with AthenaNet seamlessly and updates automatically
  • Detailed logs of all the activities are pushed back to AthenaNet for effortless billing
  • Intelligent intervention coordination with medical assistants
  • Calculates risk factors for every patient simultaneously

REQUEST A DEMO to learn how we can help you bill for CCM effortlessly at https://www.medsien.com/

Chronic Care Management, Care Coordination, Care Plan Management
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