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Payment Solutions

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MedPayGenie App makes sending bills and receiving payments as easy as 123 thereby improving collections tremendously. Accelerates patient payments and extends AthenaCollector's ROI by adding mobile billing and payments capability for your patients that includes push notifications, reminders & auto posting without any billing or payment process changes. MedPayGenie makes payments via mobile devices a snap for patients minimizing avoidable delays. Time to collect, and efficiency of collection is dramatically improved.

Our integration with AthenaCollector billing and payments services provides following mobile capabilities for your practice and patients

Make patient bills available on their mobile phones as soon as they are ready

  • Push notifications and auto downloads make bill available to patients as soon as they are ready
  • Patients are more likely to pay on time when they are notified immediately of new charges
  • No need to log into the portal and check for new bills
  • Resolve any billing questions sooner via MedPayGeine’s messaging capabilities

Faster patient payments and increase in collections

  • Every new bills creates auto reminders based on practice preferences that reminds patients to pay on time
  • Clear dashboard of MedPayGenie allows patients to get a complete picture of what is due and how much they have paid so far
  • Custom alerts allow patients to get reminded for several tasks, like resolving billing questions
  • Ability to pay directly from mobile phone without logging into portal will increase patient collections and increase number of electronic payments

Lower practice costs and improve efficiency

  • Every payment is auto posted in Athena system, thus reducing labor costs
  • Reduction in manual and check payments also leads to lower costs, less number of days in AR and allows staff to concentrate on other value added tasks
  • No integration costs and no changes to any billing / payment processes
  • More on time payments will reduce number of payments sent to collections and reduce revenue bleed
  • More electronic payments means better utilization of AthenaCollector’s CCP capability

Increase patient satisfaction:

  • Patients demand mobile options these days and are more likely to stay with practice who offers better digital billing and payment experience
  • Patients get email receipts of their payments and can also generate receipts on demand for any reimbursement submissions
  • Patients can manage bills / payments for multiple family members & multiple doctors in one app
  • Patients can also add bills of other providers or medical services by simply clicking picture of those bills to get a complete view of all of their medical costs for the year

Signing up is easy and you can start receiving mobile payments in minutes. MedPayGenie extends the billing and payments capabilities of AthenaCollector to your patient’s mobile phones without any changes and added integration costs. Get paid faster and improve satisfaction by allowing your patients to get a complete view of all of their healthcare costs in one place with MedPayGenie App.

Payment Solutions
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