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Payment Solutions

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MedPayGenie is a mobile application that allows patients to download athenahealth patient statements and pay them via their mobile devices without changing any of the billing or payment processes. This app also provides patients with a free healthcare out-of-pocket cost management capability.

Our integration with athenaCollector billing and payments services provides following mobile capabilities for patients:

  • Search, download and store digitized patient statements
  • View PDF copies of paper statements at any time
  • View and download statements for multiple family members
  • Automatic alerts based on statement due dates for on time payment reminders
  • Pay bills directly from app via Credit/Debit/FSA/HSA cards using Athena credit card services
  • Electronic receipts for successful payments
  • User friendly dashboard that shows all statements and payments bucketed by providers and to get a complete view of out-of-pocket healthcare finances
  • Future enhancements: Insurance information like deductible remaining and total out of pocket costs, payment plans

There is an increasing demand for mobile payment capabilities from healthcare providers and also for having all healthcare financial information in one place. For a very low fee, MedPayGenie allows athenahealth providers to cater to this demand. This app provides following benefits for Athena Providers:

  • Increased on-time payments due to active reminders from app and overall reduction in revenue collection costs
  • Offer mobile statements and payments immediately without any integration cost
  • Reduction in back office work with auto posting of payments to claims and less reminders
  • Alerts when patient makes mobile payments
  • Better patient engagement

MedPayGenie also helps patients manage their total out of pocket costs by allowing them to digitize bills of all the providers they use. They simply click a picture of paper statements of the non-athenahealth providers to digitize them. They can also record payments via other payment methods to get a complete view of total billed and paid amounts for the year via a very user-friendly dashboard.

MedPayGenie allows athenahealth providers to join the mobile payments and digital healthcare finance management revolution at no added costs, increase patient engagement and improve their revenue cycle at the same time.

Payment Solutions
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