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Personal Health Record (PHR)

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Capabilities: Personal Health Record (PHR)

MediKarma is a web-based application.

The Service is a personalized health information retrieval and management service that allows users of the Service to consolidate certain health information through the Service. The service allows to pull health data from all the clinics of yours.

All data is represented on a timeline for the use of patients. There is a total health score, individual organ health scores and an avatar representing the health state if the person. Patients have access to educational materials when they use our service.

Access to our application is provided with the help of Oauth - it means you as a patient will need to log in with your clinic patient portal credentials.

Application contains medical data on your procedures, conditions, allergies, vaccinations, medications, each containing useful educational materials that aim at making medical data more accessible for people with no medical education.

Patients can access their labs data with a trend chart of how it evolved dynamically. Labs also are explained for the users.

There is an interface devoted to the vitals of the patients: blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, cholesterol, temperature, weight. These data are pulled not only from Electronic medical records systems like Epic or Cerner but also from wearables (Google fit etc.) and from self-reported data from a questionnaire that users fill in at the start. This allows to make the health view whole and many sided.

There is a possibility for a patients to view the data on a timeline spread historically in a separate monthly and yearly views.

Patients are advised a vaccination to be added to their calendar based on advised by cdc.gov schedules for compulsory vaccinations.

Overall health score and individual healthscores are key features that make Medikarma stand out: they calculate the level of health based on conditions, recent lab results and vital parameters for a person. Individual organ health score are calculated based on risks to have heart, liver failure, brain stroke and diabetes. The history of total health score changes is also tracked to give a full control over improving the health of the person.

Healthcare assistant Jill navigates the patient through Medikarma and allows to have insights on the most important trend of a person’s health and well-being.

There are ways to add wearables to the system and to connect with as many EMR clinics as you have to see the complete picture of health.

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