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MedCurrent OrderWise

MedCurrent OrderWise

Clinical Decision Support

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Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is an initiative to enhance clinical decision making with real-time, evidence-based guidance to improve health and healthcare delivery. At MedCurrent, we support our customers to improve quality of care and reduce costs through our innovative and scalable CDS solution, OrderWise™.

Distinguished by ease-of-use, flexibility, and machine-learning capabilities, all within an HER-integrated workflow, OrderWise™ is the clear choice for best user experience and adoption. With an established history and proven results in radiology, OrderWise™ can help you satisfy regulatory requirements (e.g. CMS AUC Program, MIPS credit, etc.) as well as drive toward clinical improvement activities and value-based care.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, and the positive impact of CDS is increasingly recognized, MedCurrent is responding by growing and expanding the scope of OrderWise™. Designed with a framework that can incorporate AUC and guidelines from any specialty, our solution is truly enterprise-wide, able to deliver the power of innovate CDS beyond radiology and into lab/pathology, cardiology, diabetes, pain management, and other care pathways.

Some of the highlights of OrderWise™ include:

Indication Smart Search

  • Smart search functionality adapts to local requesting trends and behavior over time.
  • Includes 3,000+ medical keywords and synonyms.
  • Access appropriate use criteria and clinical guidelines from multiple sources simultaneously.

Streamlined Workflow

  • Logical questions to clarify the clinical scenario; never more than two steps.
  • Bi-directional data flow with the EMR or electronic requesting system to eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Additional clinical context provided through value-added integrations.

Real-time Recommendations

  • Evidence-based recommendations with advice text that are easy to understand.
  • Single-click to confirm, change, or cancel a request.
  • Analytics and benchmarking snapshot of clinician referral behavior.

Actionable Analytics

  • Real-time performance tracking, with comprehensive filters and drill-down capability.
  • KPI benchmarking to identify opportunities for improvement and clinician outliers.
  • Easy data export for custom reporting, data-mining and analysis.

Robust Content Management

  • Visual algorithms to enable efficient management of clinical guidelines.
  • Customize guidelines to align with patient needs and local best practice.
  • Enables qualified provider-led entities to easily develop, modify or endorse AUC.

Clinical Decision Support
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