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Clinical Decision Support

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Capabilities: Clinical Decision Support

MedAware's medication safety monitoring platform integrates with athenaClinicals to identify dangerous medication-related risks throughout the entire patient journey. Built using historical and real-time patient data, advanced machine learning algorithms identify medication errors, opioid dependency risk, evolving adverse drug events and more that would otherwise go undetected by existing solutions.

Continuous Medication Safety Monitoring

More than 60% of MedAware’s notifications occur post-prescribing

Monitoring a patient’s health status and medication therapy post-prescribing and post-dispensing can be challenging if a patient isn’t actively seeking care. MedAware can help predict when adverse events may be imminent without needing the patient present for an office visit. With MedAware, all changes in a patient’s clinical status are automatically tracked and monitored. When a medication safety risk is identified, the system will trigger a notification to the care team, enabling timely intervention and avoiding potentially dangerous outcomes. For example, a new or changing diagnostic result may mean an active medication needs to be discontinued or require a change in dosage.

Benefits of Implementing MedAware’s Technology

Over 40% of MedAware’s notifications result in a change in prescribing behavior

• Real-time detection of potentially life-threatening adverse drug events and medication-related errors

• Highly accurate, patient-specific notifications minimize alert burden

• Automatically monitor for changes in a patient’s clinical status which could alter the appropriateness of a patient’s active medications, enabling early intervention

• Identifiy risk of opioid use dependency from before the first prescription is ever filled through the duration of a patient’s care plan

Create a Safer Prescribing Environment by Eliminating Avoidable Medication Errors

Over 85% of MedAware’s notifications are clinically relevant

The high patient specificity of notifications means that alerts are not only more accurate, but also the volume of clinically irrelevant alerts significantly decreases. Using MedAware’s integration with athenaClinicals, the care team receives these notifications as urgent clinical documents to their inbox, via one of the following workflows:

Workflow One: Prescribing

  1. A new medication is ordered or prescribed.

  2. MedAware’s technology assesses medication risk to the patient based on outliers to the individual patient profile and/or clinical setting.

  3. Provider/care team is notified via a clinical document to their inbox.

Workflow Two: Monitoring

  1. New clinical data is added to the patient record. This may include a lab result, vital sign, diagnosis, etc.

  2. MedAware’s technology reviews the patient’s active medications and identifies any potential risk based on outliers to the individual patient profile and/or clinical setting that may lead to an adverse event.

  3. Provider/care team is notified via a clinical document to their inbox.

Give your providers and patients peace of mind with MedAware’s medication safety monitoring platform.

Contact us today at info@medaware.com or visit our website, www.medaware.com, to learn more.

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