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RevUp by MD Revolution

RevUp by MD Revolution

Chronic Care Management


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

RevUp by MD Revolution RevUp is a premier care management service that includes programs for Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Annual Wellness Visits, and more. RevUp pairs people and technology so that every practice can have access to teams and tools to rapidly deploy remote care management for their patients. This “clinical programs as a service” makes enterprise-level programs available for all practice sizes.

With its turn-key programs, RevUp leverages built-in athenahealth workflows that allow practices to enroll and monitor their remote or chronic care patients efficiently without having to learn new systems. In addition, RevUp is the only care management app integrated with athenahealth providing automated claims creation via the RevUp billing engine, eliminating the manual claim creation step for each patient, every month.

Flexible Program Options

Flexible options for engagement and sign-up:

  • Have a care team already? We have software options to provide your team with access to our industry leading engagement and monitoring platform to scale your programs.
  • Have devices already? We can integrate your devices into our platform for use in your programs.
  • Have CCM or RPM already with another provider? We get that a lot! We have migration options to make the transition seamless to your existing patients and begin getting the benefits of our ability to scale.
  • Have a custom program requirement or need? We can help design a program to your specifications.

Remote Patient Monitoring The RevUp Care Hub is a fully-featured Remote Patient Monitoring platform with a wide selection of compatible cellular-enabled devices. Patients are enrolled through tasking. Devices are ordered, provisioned and shipped directly to your patients, with no up-front cost and no long-term commitment to the practice. Your patients are monitored for you by our clinical team, vitals are passed back to the patient chart and you receive tasks within athenahealth for patients that need your attention. Documentation and claims are passed back electronically to athenahealth for all patients who qualify.

RevUp can be deployed and integrated in days, not weeks, to any practice with no upfront capital expense from the practice, and with no requirement to purchase equipment in order to provide RPM services. In particular, RevUp includes:

  1. Clinical care management team that works as an extension of the practice to deliver effective and compliant care management programs that improve the patient experience and generate practice revenue.
  2. Ability to scale Remote Patient Monitoring programs quickly with no upfront capital expense from the practice and no requirement to purchase the equipment in order to provide the RPM service.
  3. Telephone coaching and digital patient engagement delivered through RevUp application and integrated devices.
  4. Programs that meet and exceed Medicare requirements for CCM, RPM and Behavioral Health.
  5. Frequent virtual contact to keep patients engaged, and identify issues resulting from isolation and social distancing.
  6. Direct connectivity and integration with athenahealth including vital measurements, documentation posting, and automated claims creation, eliminating manual work.
  7. Customized care coordination and escalation protocols to support practice operations.
  8. Rapid service deployment and patient enrollment, focused on quickly starting service for patients in under 7 days.

To discuss how RevUp can benefit your practice through its tight integration with athenahealth, get in touch for a demo.

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