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Own your patient lifecycle with Luma Health’s patient engagement platform. Luma’s HIPAA- compliant communication is effective in getting high response rates across all age groups (no more bulky patient portals or third party apps). Customized messages and workflows allow providers to be intentional about MACRA. Better communication drives new revenue, delivers higher MIPS scores, and allows you to care for patients sooner.   Key Product Features:

  1. Smart Waitlists ​- When a patient cancels an appointment, Luma goes through your waitlist to fill the open slot so other patients can see you sooner. All schedule updates are automatically synced with your practice management calendar.

  2. Referral Management ​- With Luma, specialty clinics can automate referral outreach and prompt patients to self-schedule via call or text. That means your staff will never play phone tag to schedule a stack of referrals again.

  3. Actionable Reminders ​- Luma’s smart, two-way reminder system goes beyond text appointment confirmations. Create customizable messages that patients can engage with - reply, reschedule, and even join waitlists.
  4. Feedback & Reputation Management ​- Make the most out of your real-time patient feedback. Get actionable and anonymous feedback from detractors, while driving your best promoters online to leave fresh, glowing reviews.
  5. Care Pathway Messaging & Bots ​- Unique patient cases deserve unique messages. From engaging patients about a procedure they’ve just had, or mass-messaging patients in a time of crisis, Luma will broadcast tailored and actionable messages for you.
  6. Secure Chat ​- Need to send labs or help a patient with a recent diagnosis? HIPAA-compliant chat lets you safely send images, insurance information, and test results.
  7. Web Scheduling ​- Ensuring patient access has never been easier. Luma’s no-fuss web scheduling widget empowers your patients to make appointments anytime, anywhere.

Scheduling, Patient Communications, Referral Management
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