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Listen360 Patient Feedback and Reviews

Listen360 Patient Feedback and Reviews

Reporting and Analytics

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Healthcare organizations are operating in a rapidly evolving and competitive world. In order to thrive in the time of COVID-19 and beyond, they must earn and nurture the loyalty of their patients.

Listen360 empowers hundreds of healthcare organizations to do exactly that by sending patients a 30-second NPS survey via text or email automatically after an appointment. The real-time feedback received allows providers to address patient issues, coach and manage staff, improve operations, and consistently deliver a superior patient care experience.

Happy patients are immediately prompted from the survey to post glowing reviews on sites like Healthgrades, Google, and Facebook, helping your business stand out from the competition in search results.

Patient loyalty is measured and compared across all specialties, locations, and providers, giving executives insight into which entities are on track to grow and profit and which may need some attention.

Listen360’s robust text analytics engine identifies the key topics that emerge most often in patient feedback (such as Staff, Schedule, Convenience, Facility, etc.) and the sentiment associated with each, providing your team with a roadmap for enhanced care and operational excellence.

Patient feedback and Net Promoter scores can be easily filtered by athenahealth reporting fields such as patient age, patient tenure, time of visit, day of the week, insurance type, or provider. This data segmentation reveals which patient communities are most loyal (and therefore driving revenue growth) and which may be negatively impacting your business’ ability to profit.

Listen360 exists to connect healthcare teams with the patients they serve in order to build a better, more profitable practice. Visit go.listen360.com/healthcare-athena to learn more!

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