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Patient Communications


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

The problem: Studies show that 96% of patient complaints and negative reviews are about poor patient experience, with poor communication being the main driver (only 4% of complaints are related to actual care). Busy telephone lines, constant phone tag, and waiting on hold can frustrate patients and lead to a negative experience, or even patient attrition. And these can be some of the most costly inefficiencies that affect your practice. Your staff wastes hours per day on unnecessary phone calls or phone tag - and ends up spending less time on patient care. Poor communication is a lose-lose for your practice.

Klara solves that for you: Our HIPAA compliant messaging platform makes it easy for your staff to communicate with patients and with each other. It automates day-to-day tasks like follow-ups and reminders. So your staff can spend less time on phone tag and more time on patient care. We help you give your patients the exceptional experience they deserve, so they want to come back again. Great patient communication is a win-win for your staff and your patients - and your practice will thrive as a result.

How: Klara’s comprehensive communication platform centralizes all your communication in one place and makes it easy for everyone to use. Klara is the simple solution that providers can trust for:

Two-Way Messaging That Just Works

  • Patient messaging and internal team messaging (all in one platform)
  • Team inboxes, assignment logic, @-mentions for efficient collaboration
  • Attachments and custom templates to supercharge your messages
  • 85%+ patient adoption (no download, no password, no login)

Smart Automation & Patient Follow-up

  • Automated follow-up if patients do not read their messages
  • Read receipts, so you always know when patients have read messages
  • No more calls that go straight to patients’ voicemails, and no more call-backs

Visual Voicemail

  • Read minute-long voicemails in seconds via Klara’s voicemail transcription
  • Respond to voicemails immediately via text to eliminate phone tag
  • Push transcribed voicemails directly into the patient chart on Athena
  • Or, to avoid voicemails altogether, automatically prompt patients to send a text straight from your phone tree when they call in

Website Messenger

  • Give patients easy access to your practice from your website
  • Turn website visitors into new patients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Automated off-hour replies let patients know when they can expect an answer

eForms & Insurance Card Upload

  • Paperlessly collect patient signatures and forms
  • Give patients the convenience of uploading insurance cards straight from their phone
  • Automatically sync insurance cards with Athena’s patient chart

Powerful Analytics

  • Receive weekly usage reports as comprehensive, printable PDFs
  • See how well patients and staff have adopted Klara
  • Understand where the gaps are in your communication to deliver an exception patient experience

And of Course: Seamless Integration with Athena

  • Automatically import and sync all patients from Athena to Klara
  • Push messages or whole conversations into Athena
  • Push transcribed voicemails, images, and other attachments to Athena

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