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Kinum's tactful and cost effective collection services

Kinum's tactful and cost effective collection services



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While utilizing Kinum's tactful collection services you will rest easy knowing your patients will be handled respectfully. It is also great to know you will get this very effective service for the best and lowest possible cost. 

  • Maximize your profit
  • Control your accounts
  • Seamless automation

Kinum and athenahealth have joined together to help you streamline your collections. The seamless transfer from your athenahealth billing and practice management system to Kinum will provide you a cost effective and efficient system to tactfully recover more money for your practice.With Kinum, you have the peace-of-mind knowing that your delinquent accounts will be handled professionally and effectively while providing you with:

  • A reduction in days in receivables
  • The ability to maintain the patient relationship
  • Reduce your cost to collect your money with our flat rate fee structure

To find out more information contact us at athenahealth@Kinum.com

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