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KairoiSuite™ will improve your clinic’s productivity, provider satisfaction and patient access.

How do we do it?

Some of our founders noted in their long medical careers that while schedules were near fully booked a few days in the future, at the end of the day they had only seen three quarters of the patients they expected to see. The rest of their day had been lost in little unplanned pieces that were under-, or un-, utilized. The lost appointments were equal parts late cancellations, late reschedules and no-shows.

They also noted the growing shortage of providers. One of the group was a mathematician with experience scheduling the intermodal terminal at the port of Oakland. Together they theorized that changing the structure of a schedule, creating a new template for the schedule, might solve the problem by increasing the availability of appointments rather than hounding patients to show up.

A year plus of research in different clinics let them prove their hypothesis. They were able to add between 11.3% and 34.4% to the number of hours the providers spent with patients each day. Another year has let us automate the process and deliver a live interface that delivers these results.

When we take on a new clinic we start with the last two year’s appointment history for each of your clinicians. We add in their work hours, the mix of appointment durations that they prefer, and any clinic meetings and produce the schedules. The schedules vary through the day, the week and year as the patterns of late cancellations/reschedules and no-shows vary over those periods. The schedules are updated over time as new “history” is added to the database.

Early next year we will query the patient’s history and medical records to recommend the ideal appointment for that person as they call in to book an appointment.

We also provide an extensive dashboard of analytics for the clinic managers allowing real-time review of statistics by practice, provider, time of year, appointment types, date range comparisons, etc.

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