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KairoiScheduler™ is the only cloud-based schedule optimization solution that integrates expert analysis of your clinic’s performance with a robust logistics engine. KairoiScheduler empowers practice managers with operational insights derived from quantitative assessment of their clinic’s historical data and tools for objective measurement of practice productivity trends. It also facilitates transparent implementation of clinic scheduling policies as well as provider preferences, yielding growth in efficiency and revenue without increasing clinic hours or overhead.

  • Dashboards summarizing analysis of actual clinic data yield insights regarding opportunities for improvement in productivity & revenue growth.

  • Facilitates what-if scenarios that assess impact of changes in scheduling practices or resources.

  • Enables clinic managers, providers and front-office staff to have a common view of scheduling policies, while reflecting provider preferences in how their days are structured.

KairoiScheduler provides clinic managers with a comprehensive schedule optimization solution for monitoring and improving efficiency. KairoiScheduler integrates with analytics that enable decision makers to quantitatively evaluate historical performance of their practice and providers. Integrated analytics provide dashboards which display key performance indicators and facilitate what-if scenarios for optimization of appointments via KairoiScheduler’s schedule templates. Comparisons to baselines allow objective evaluation of productivity trends. Integration with AthenaCollector facilitates monitoring progress in achieving performance goals. This patent-pending solution is cloud-based, facilitating rapid deployment and requiring no IT support on premises. Based on analysis of data from your clinic, KairoiScheduler facilitates identification of opportunities to enhance appointment scheduling and recover otherwise lost revenue.

Other capabilities made possible by use of KairoiScheduler include:

Determine provider strengths and leverage them through design of schedule templates.

Classify opportunities for increasing patient satisfaction, creating capacity for walk-ins and accommodating patients requiring urgent care while reducing impact of no-shows.

Improve staff satisfaction via clinic schedules that reflect their personal preferences and allow for administrative tasks and break time.

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