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Reporting and Analytics

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Optimize Clinic Revenue, Provider Satisfaction, Patient Access

Lost productivity hurts all clinics. KairoiOptimize™ analyzes your appointment history, targets the pain points, and gives you the tools to raise productivity above 90%.

Kairoi analytics correlate key variables—provider efficiency, appointment type and sequencing, cancellations or no-shows associated with time of day/week/year, and more—to produce data-driven, actionable patterns. Our patented optimizer generates schedule templates informed by this data and fully integrated with athenaNet.

Result: More patients get timely care, providers get work done at the office instead of home, and clinic revenue improves.


To providers:

  • Provider preferences built into their schedules
  • Time blocked out for charting, research, phone/email
  • Less need to bring work home

To patients:

  • New patients get appointments sooner
  • Less time in the waiting room
  • Identify high-risk patients for priority access
  • Improved outcomes

To clinics and staff:

  • Increase efficiency and revenue without adding staff or space
  • Fewer patient logjams = more patients seen
  • Optimized schedule templates integrated with athenaNet
  • Automated schedule creation reduces clicks
  • Data generated weekly to track and quantify performance
  • Share best practices clinic-wide
  • Continuous improvement over time

Because KairoiOptimize™ is a SaaS solution, it’s cost-effective, quick to implement, and there’s no on-site maintenance. All support staff is U.S.- based, and we provide on-site orientation.

KairoiOptimize™ Kairoi Healthcare Strategies, Inc. Protected by U.S. Patents 10,090,069 and 10,204,705

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