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JointMan® Population Health Platform for Rheumatology

JointMan® Population Health Platform for Rheumatology

Clinical Decision Support


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The landscape of health care is at a critical crossroads. As decision support tools and outcomes measures become increasingly important in chronic disease management, there is a significant need in the care of rheumatoid arthritis patients for accurate, scalable, precise and cost-effective methods of capturing quality outcomes measures. This enables implementation of a treat-to-target strategy and assists the clinical practice to thrive in value-based payment models.

Better Health, Better Outcomes

JointMan® is a rheumatology population health platform, and real time treatment decision support application that helps physicians direct the course of care for the patient. JointMan® works seamlessly with Athenahealth making physician and patient engagement as frictionless as possible throughout the visit, while adding important documentation and patient management tools for rheumatologic care.

The goal of this innovative platform is to help clinicians more easily implement pathways and protocols that improve health and outcomes for patients living with these chronic conditions. Proactive reassessment of the patient’s status as well as ongoing evaluation of treatment can lead to a more comprehensive and improved care plan, including patient engagement, medication adherence, and targeted health education.

Many EHR platforms offer the ability to build alerts within the EHR itself, but the task of researching to identify the relevant guidelines, then designing, building, testing and implementing the guidelines, falls on the practice. JointMan® takes this work off the shoulders of the practice and provides these guidelines and alerts within the EHR workflow. This specific program leverages the existing EHR workflow to make recommendations regarding actions via a notification on the screen. This workflow helps keep these interventions top-of-mind for clinicians by using recommendations created from industry-standard, evidence-based clinical guidelines specific to rheumatic disease.

Preparing Practices for Value Based Payment Models

JointMan provides EHR enhancements that assist in improving patient care and safety, outcomes, compliance, risk management and population health intelligence. It helps rheumatology practices organize care across all of the touch points within patient visits, centering care around the patient. An innovative population health tool for RA helps in identifying and tracking gaps or variation in care. It assists in monitoring effectiveness in the following clinical areas:

  • Functional status assessment for patients with RA
  • Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug (DMARD) therapy for active RA
  • Real-time medication efficacy tracking
  • Disease stratification and disease activity measurements for patients
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test prior to first course biologic therapy
  • Comorbidities associated with disease
  • Documentation and Discontinuation reasons for all medications
  • Tracking for Quality Measures for MIPs with easy reporting features
  • Automated Pre-Authorization Forms
  • Research Screening tool for clinical trials

Additionally, JointMan provides global dashboard views of your overall population. With this information, Your practice can demonstrate outcomes to meet value-based contracting agreements and federal payment programs.

If a practice prefers to submit rheumatologic quality measures for their MACRA/MIPS program, JointMan greatly simplifies the process. Quality measure performance can be submitted directly from JointMan to the CMS portal.

Rheumatology practices can document adherences to evidence-based pathways and guidelines, which supports JointMan customers in negotiating, securing, and succeeding in new value-based contracts with payers.

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