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70+ practices use this product.

iScribe cures physician burnout and allows athenaNet users to focus on caring for patients rather than the computer screen.

iScribe is an easy-to-use mobile app that gives providers anytime/anywhere access via iPhone or iPad to view and enter clinical information for patients. We leverage industry leading speech-to-text technology to increase provider efficiency and productivity while eliminating expensive transcription and scribe costs.

With iScribe’s real-time speech-to-text dictation feature, users can visually see the dictated text directly on the screen as they are speaking. Users can dictate directly into the appropriate sections (CC, HPI, ROS, PE, A/P) on the mobile device and save their documentation immediately into athenaNet. By using the real-time speech-to-text feature, transcription costs can be eliminated. iScribe users have saved $15,000 - $25,000 per provider per year in reduced transcription costs.

iScribe reduces the time that healthcare providers typically spend in the EHR allowing more time to take care of patients. Users can complete their encounter without having to wait until the end of the day or after office hours and there is no waiting for pending transcription. iScribe’s modern mobile user experience allows the clinical documentation to be completed at the point of care without taking away from the provider / patient experience. Healthcare provider time should not be undervalued and iScribe helps to maximize efficiency and productivity unlike any other solution available today.

iScribe improves same-day encounter close rates which delivers an immediate ROI. The faster providers close the encounter, the faster the claim can be submitted thereby accelerating the revenue cycle.

All actions in iScribe are performed in real-time over WIFI or cell service. Users completing clinical documentation will immediately see the updated data within athenaNet.

All interested parties can fully trial iScribe in their live clinical setting using their own unique data for 2 weeks at no cost.

Users say this about iScribe: • “Basically iScribe is changing my life…#justtakemymoney”Zach Logan, Texas Ortho (Austin, TX)"...It is awesome…absolutely loving it! Such a cool way to view the EHR...I know quite a few providers who can benefit from this..." - Patrick Looney, Gonzaba Medical Group"The more I am able to “escape” from the Windows interface, the happier I am." - Ron Smith, MD, ENT of Springfield"I have been using iScribe for most of the orders recently because it is so much faster and better and just superior in general, and I can knock it out while patients are talking. Love it. Thx." - Brett Raynor, Texas Ortho Dallas

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