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IRIS Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnostic Solution

IRIS Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnostic Solution

Clinical Device Integration

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Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness. Less than half of patients with diabetes follow through with their annual exams. By bringing the diabetic retinal exam (DRE) to the primary point of care, the IRIS retinal telemedicine platform helps end preventable, permanent blindness caused by diabetic retinopathy (DR). IRIS works closely with each organization, creating workflows, documenting processes, and installing best practices that have been developed from their experience working with more than 125 health systems. As a result, IRIS improves quality, increases access and reduces cost of care. 

  • Increase patient access by providing diabetic retinal exam in primary care offices
  • Lower cost of disease treatment with early identification
  • Close the care gaps and improve HEDIS compliance

Among diabetic populations the annual diabetic retinal exam is the best solution for detecting eye disease in its early preventable stage. By implementing IRIS technology at the primary care level, patients receive the diabetic retinal exam during routine office visits with their PCP. Through comprehensive end-to-end integration with existing workflows in athenaNet®, IRIS provides a comprehensive patient identification to reimbursement solution.

In what is typically a less than five-minute process and performed without dilation, front line staff captures a fundus photograph of the retina. Through IRIS telemedicine, which allows specialists to diagnose pathology without being on-site, images are immediately exported to ophthalmologists and retina specialists, who interpret the images. Leveraging the bi-directional interface with athenaNet, the final graded results are delivered directly with ICD-10 discrete data.

IRIS' technology coupled with athenahealth provides the following:

  • Workflow optimization
  • Operationalized Workflows + Total System Integration
  • Diagnostic optimization
  • FDA II + proprietary imaging technology
  • Analytics optimization
  • Results-driven data + progress reports

Clinical Device Integration, Clinical Decision Support, Chronic Care Management
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