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IOD ICD-10 Readiness Program

IOD ICD-10 Readiness Program

ICD-10 Training

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IOD's ICD-10 Readiness Program combines online education, mobile-based learning, community-based collaboration and real-world practice platforms. By tailoring the education to specific needs, IOD delivers to practices the foundational and practical knowledge needed to successfully make the transition to ICD-10. IOD also provides an interactive community for members to collaborate with IOD's ICD-10 experts and peers via the OneIOD platform.

The IOD Learning Institute provides online education for physicians, Clinical Modification and Anatomy & Terminology training for coding and billing resources, and ICD-10 documentation training for clinicians. The OneIOD platform ensures prompt replies to queries by IOD ICD-10 experts and provides a vehicle to share best practices amongst all IOD program members. They get you ready for the ICD-10 transition!

  • Combines multiple learning mediums to prepare your practice for ICD-10
  • Delivers self-paced, short lessons on over 250 topics
  • Allows quick answers to questions and collaboration on best practices
  • Empowers practices to measure coding accuracy and productivity

ICD-10 Education — Lessons are self-paced and short (10-15 minutes) allowing you to learn at your own pace. Basic lessons cover an overview of ICD-10 Clinical Modification and the anticipated impact of ICD-10. Expert Learners receive Clinical Modification and Anatomy & Terminology training for coding, through a series of specific and focused modules. To ensure that web-based lessons are both comprehensive and meaningful, IOD will customize its training to cater to your top 25 most commonly used diagnosis codes.

Physician Training — IOD provides online ICD-10 training in short, diagnosis-specific, self-paced lessons that physicians can access any time, from any device. Physicians can access training by specialty, and review only necessary information such as documentation requirements, codes, relevant data and example documentation. Physicians can also take quizzes to test their learning, while administrators monitor analytics, provide peer reviews and send out alerts.

OneIOD — IOD offers customers the OneIOD social network, powered by Microsoft's Yammer© software. The OneIOD platform allows greater collaboration with experts and peers, questions to be answered more rapidly, and continued learning about coding and the nuances of ICD-10.

PRISM Coding Gym — IOD developed the PRISM Coding Gym, an automated coding simulator, as part of the ICD-10 Training and Education product offering. Coders learn coding, by coding. The PRISM Coding Gym is IOD's proprietary application which enables practical ICD-10 coding training with immediate feedback and embedded analytics. The PRISM Coding Gym empowers organizations to measure and monitor their coders' ICD-10 accuracy and productivity longitudinally, allowing them to fully understand the impact of ICD-10 on their organization.

To learn more, visit www.IODIncorporated.com.

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ICD-10 Training
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