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InHealth Clinical Documentation Solutions

InHealth Clinical Documentation Solutions



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At InHealthCDS we offer dictation/transcription solutions with full integration for both athenaNet and athenaOne users. These solutions are designed to accomplish the following:

  • Flexibility… Physicians can choose how they capture their dictation to incorporate within Athena.
  • Efficiency… Provider’s dictation is quickly captured and transcription completed allowing physicians the ability to cut down the amount of time currently spent documenting patient care.
  • Increased Productivity… Our solutions provide efficiencies within a physician’s workflow enabling them to choose to see more patients throughout their day, thus increasing revenue or the choice to end their day earlier.

For athenaClinicals users, solutions are broken out into two capabilities: Internal Dictation Solution and External Dictation Solution

Our internal solution is designed to allow physicians the ability to dictate directly in athenaClinicals from the patient’s open encounter.

  1. Open an encounter
  2. Click on the microphone icon located within the sections of athenaNet and dictate
  3. Hit send, sit back and let ICDS do the rest!

Our external solution utilizes our goDictate iPhone® application and interfaces directly with athenaClinicals allowing physicians to view their patient schedule in real-time, dictate and submit all in one device.

  1. Open goDictate
  2. Choose a patient from your schedule and dictate
  3. Hit submit, sit back and let ICDS do the rest!

Regardless of which solution your provider chooses, our interface enters these completed notes in the NOTES section under each heading for the providers to review and signoff.

For athenaOne users, dictation can be captured utilizing two options…through our toll-free call in system or by utilizing a recorder. Once InHealthCDS receives the provider voice files, a specialty specific transcriptionist will transcribe the document for return into the corresponding note type within athenaOne.

With InHealthCDS’s dictation solutions, your physicians have a choice of what works best with their dictation workflow and can focus on telling the complete patient story by utilizing athenaClinicals to its fullest potential. Whether you are a hospital or a clinic and regardless of which solution you choose, InHealthCDS offers dictation workflow solutions that are second to none for both clinics and hospitals!

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