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Infera by Inferscience

Infera by Inferscience

Clinical Decision Support

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As a fully integrated clinical and coding decision support platform, Infera leverages patient data from athenaClinicals to provide patient specific care recommendations and HCC ICD10 codes ensuring quality of care and documentation of the patient conditions is optimized.

  • Integration with athenaClinicals® to easily pass patient data documented in the EHR into Infera for analysis
  • Real-time Delivery of patient specific care recommendations and suggested ICD10 codes that may have been overlooked during the patient encounter
  • Comprehensive suite of 90+ care pathways based on the latest evidence and society guidelines on topics most relevant to primary care
  • HCC coding suggestions with supporting plan of care documentation, real time RAF scoring and OCR for analysis of scanned documents
  • Submission of orders, HCC codes and plan of care back into the EHR

Process Overview

  • From the patient encounter, the user launches Infera from partner application menu
  • A new browser page opens. Infera analyzes the encounter to see which care pathways may be appropriate for the patient and runs them automatically.
  • Within a few seconds, he user will see one or more recommendations specific to that patient. By clicking on READ FULL RECOMMENDATION, they can get more details re the recommendation including a bibliography
  • If the information in the chart is not adequate for evaluation of a particular condition, the user will get a message that additional data is required which they can enter after clicking on the CONTINUE ALL button
  • The user can click on Patient Details tab to see the information that was captured. They can also click on the Edit Details button to change the patient information and resubmit for evaluation
  • The user can also click on the Decision Tree tab to see how the decision was arrived at. They can also click on the Explain button in the Decision Tree tab to see the path to the recommendation in the decision tree
  • By clicking on the AthenaNet tab, the user is presented with a list of orders that may be appropriate to that patient. The user can select the orders and then click on submit to add the order to the encounter in the EHR
  • For HCC coding assistance, the user can go to RUN>HCC ASSISTANT on the top menu. Infera analyzes the chart for appropriate HCC codes and suggests the codes and the RAF score for those codes. The selected code and associated plan of care can then be selected and submitted to add the code and the plan of care to the encounter in the EHR

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Clinical Decision Support, Coding, Care Plan Management
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