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Infera HCC Assistant

Infera HCC Assistant



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Real-time HCC coding and auditing within the athenaClinicals EHR:

  • Increase per-patient RAF scores. In 2019, one Inferscience customer increased their patients’ RAF scores by an average of 0.53!
  • Time-saving physician and coder workflows.
  • Fast implementation with a simple Chrome browser extension.
  • Designed for medical groups of all sizes.
  • Free one-week trial. No obligation!

Infera risk adjustment technology supports retrospective, prospective, and concurrent HCC coding workflows. All modules function as standalone products or they can be used together to give you advanced analytics and documentation tools for use before, during, and after the patient encounter.

HCC Assistant

The HCC Assistant is the only application that analyzes the patient’s athenaClinicals record in real-time, providing physicians and coders with on-demand HCC coding guidance. HCC codes and supporting documentation can be written to the chart with just a few clicks, saving hours spent researching and documenting. It features:

  • Proven ROI: Helps maximize payments from Medicare Advantage plans by improving HCC coding and closing HCC documentation gaps.
  • Time-saving Analysis: Patient information is analyzed in real-time, providing clinicians and coders with immediate HCC coding guidance.
  • Advanced Rules Engine: Uses NLP and sophisticated coding algorithms to quickly analyze charts and accurately calculate patients’ RAF scores.
  • Provider and Coder Workflows: Scrub charts before encounters or analyze and document HCC codes during the patient’s medical appointment.
  • Administrative Reports: Reporting at the provider, coder, and patient levels helps administrators track HCC coding outcomes.

HCC Validator

Our HCC Validator uses advanced NLP technology to instantly validate HCC codes against MEAT criteria, and issues a clear "Pass" or "Fail" grade. Clinicians and coders can be confident that patients' ICD-10 HCC diagnoses are documented accurately and thoroughly. It takes the guesswork out of risk adjustment documentation and helps protect against costly audits and financial penalties. The HCC Validator supports your concurrent review through:

  • Time-saving Validation: Advanced NLP technology instantly audits supporting documentation against MEAT criteria and issues a "Pass" or "Fail" grade.
  • Next-level Insight: See why supporting documentation passes or fails validation and view the data sources and algorithms used in the audit process.
  • Improved Patient Outcomes: Demonstrate patients’ conditions are being monitored, evaluated, and treated during face-to-face encounters.

Claims Assistant

Support your retrospective reviews with the Claims Assistant by Inferscience. As a companion solution to our other applications, it performs a 360-degree analysis of raw claims data to capture and suggest HCC codes that may have been billed by other providers, or by the practice during the previous calendar year. It features:

  • Seamless Integration with HCC Assistant: Missed HCC coding opportunities displayed in the HCC Assistant, eliminating the need to switch applications.
  • On-demand Retrospective Analysis: Instantly analyze dates of service, diagnosis codes, and billing providers to quickly close HCC coding gaps.
  • User-friendly Reporting: Results of the analysis are easy to understand, can be viewed online, and downloaded in spreadsheet format.

Also by Inferscience: Improve Patient Outcomes With Infera CDS

In addition to our risk adjustment solutions for athenaClinicals EHR, we also offer Infera CDS. It draws on 90-plus care pathways based on the latest clinical evidence and medical society guidelines to provide the physician with on-demand guidance. Infera CDS can help internal medicine physicians and subspecialists practice evidence-based medicine and improve patient outcomes.

Coding, Clinical Decision Support, Care Plan Management
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