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Business Continuity

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Capabilities: Business Continuity

Horizon3.ai’s autonomous penetration testing as-a-service (APTaaS) solution, NodeZero, is an on-demand, self-service pentesting platform that is safe to run in production and requires no persistent or credentialed agents. NodeZero enables you to run self-service pentests to find, fix, and verify the resolution of security weaknesses before attackers can exploit them. There are no agents to install, no code to write, and no consultants to hire. NodeZero’s detailed path diagrams show you how vulnerabilities, harvested credentials, misconfigurations and dangerous product defaults can be chained together into attack vectors that lead to critical impacts, giving you an expert view into exactly how an attacker can compromise your system. Proof-of-exploit panels show you what to fix, while our fix action procedures provide you with detailed guidance. It’s not just a compliance checkbox; this is effective security to keep your company out of the headlines.

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