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Healthy Roster

Healthy Roster

Care Coordination

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The Patient Portal is Broken!

Healthy Roster is helping fix the problems of today’s traditional patient portal. We’re taking the patient portal from an unused, unfriendly way to read test results and email questions to a dynamic engagement and communication app.

Healthy Roster is a HIPAA-compliant mobile app designed for Orthopedics but applicable in most other specialties. We help your healthcare organization engage and communicate better with your patients. The streamlining of communication will improve the efficiency of your staff and satisfaction of your patients.

Examples of Why You Would Choose Healthy Roster:

  • Through Sports Medicine Outreach, we help AT’s and PT’s become the trusted gateway to building relationships with athletes and their parents – before injuries happen.
  • When injuries do happen, we make it simple for AT’s and PT’s to Transfer Care to physicians. We also make it easy for parents and patients to Schedule Appointments with recommended physicians right from their phone.
  • As the patient enters the physician’s office, we streamline the In-Take process with mobile forms and easy communication through text and video chat.
  • Pre-Surgery Prep, office assistants, RN’s and PA’s can assign Learning Materials to patients, including; PDF’s, website pages, and video links
  • Post-Surgery Care can be tracked and monitored by inviting spouses and family members to join in the patient’s Care Circle.
  • Reduce Readmissions and improve Bundled Payments Savings by inviting Home Health and Skilled Nursing Facilities to provide feedback on your patients, eliminating the “communication black hole.”

Healthy Roster can help you address the following concerns: Inability to show the ROI of your sports medicine department, Low referral conversion rates from field to office appointment, Inefficient in-take and communication with patients, Phone tag with patients, Reduce physician staff stress and complaints, Adoption and Consumption of Pre-Surgery Learning Materials, Providing timely and important information to care-givers for your patients, Readmission rate increase due to inability to monitor patients in Home Health or Skilled Nursing Facilities, Patient satisfaction scores.

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