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Healthy Plus Annual Wellness Visit

Healthy Plus Annual Wellness Visit

Annual Wellness Visit


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

We provide a full service Annual Wellness Visit solution complete with real time reporting to help close quality measure reporting gaps. We will assist with downloading your patient list, determining eligibility, engaging the patient to make them aware of the service and schedule them to your practice, provide staffing to complete the visit with the patient and generate real time reporting for compliance. The data we capture will then integrate into athenaNet® to help you close your quality measure reporting gaps.

We will increase patient engagement and participation and help complete quality measures for these patients, complete with closing the reporting gap.

We work in an efficient manner to not disrupt the flow of the practice. We will work behind the scenes to engage the patient and schedule them for their Annual Wellness Visit. We will provide the staff member to complete the visit with the patient and provide real time reporting for both the patient and the provider. The providers need to review the reports before the patient’s next visit (follow up) and treat according to the findings from the visit. We will help with closing the reporting gaps for the quality measures completed through the Annual Wellness Visit. Providers will be very satisfied to have the AWV completed for them and the reporting generated so that they can treat the patient and worry less about the reporting.

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