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HealthGrid Patient Engagement CRM Platform

HealthGrid Patient Engagement CRM Platform

Digital Check-in

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With more than 50,000 unique patient activations every day, HealthGrid's CareNotify™ is the industry leading mobile and point of service check-in. HealthGrid Platform helps transform patient data into revenue for providers and improved outcomes for patients. This innovative tool enables workflows to support practice operations, improve the patient experience, and assist with cost-reduction strategies.

  • Meet patients where they are with mobile and point of service check-in on any device (iOS®, Android™ platform, or Microsoft Windows)
  • Help increase collections and generate new provider revenues 
  • Lower operational costs by streamlining practice operations

HealthGrid digital check-in streamlines the capture of patient demographic and intake data, eConsent for signature forms, health screenings, and payment collection. Once collected, all of this information is automatically returned into your athenaClinicals EHR.

With its intuitive, mobile and tablet-based designs, the platform also enables greater collaboration between patients and care providers. Patients are no longer required to fill out numerous, redundant forms and, more importantly, are also able to engage with their clinical data through medication management workflows and preventative health screenings. And, because this information reaches the exam room before they do, patients can have a more meaningful, informed interaction with their physicians.

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