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HealthFeed by Velocitos

HealthFeed by Velocitos

Patient Education

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HealthFeed is a robust, extensive and feature-rich patient education module with over 10x more content than the default options within the EHR. Practices can share medically validated videos, illustrations and discharge instructions with patients’ email and text in a HIPAA compliant manner.

The content spans more than 4,000 diseases and conditions, over 750 specific procedures and lab tests, more than 2,800 lifestyle and wellness topics, over 1,100 unique drugs (more than 3,750 brand and generic names) and discharge instructions on more than 1,500 topics. The content includes both video and Spanish content.

According to a study conducted by an interdisciplinary, international journal for patient education and health promotion, Patient Education and Counseling, researchers concluded that patients remember significantly more information (80%) when presented with both a printed aid and verbal instruction, rather than just receiving verbal instruction (14%).

Top Benefits:

  • Enhance your patient education program through an EHR integrated solution of high quality, medically validated content
  • Save clinical time identifying, administering and sending education content to your patients
  • Meet Meaningful Use requirements
  • Share digestible, instructive content designed to engage and empower patients to become active participants in their care
  • Improve communication and enhance patient care and workflow at the point of care, positively impacting healthy behavior change

How It Works:

  • Access HealthFeed from within your EHR from 3 different locations – from the “Apps” drop-down menu, from a patient’s QuickView and from the Chart/Encounter view.
  • Select a patient to share content with from the HealthFeed’s Patients view or the HealthFeed Appointments view
  • Search for content for a medical condition or health topic
  • Select one or multiple pieces of content and share it with the patient’s email and/or text.
  • HealthFeed’s automated process to obtain patient consent before sending content by email and/or text to patients.


  • Custom configuration of outgoing content emails and text messages with provider’s practice logo/doctor’s photo etc.
  • Automated process to obtain patient consent before sending content by email and/or text
  • Track the percentage of your patients who received education resources for Meaningful Use reporting through detailed analytics dashboards
  • Automated surfacing up of content based on patient’s diagnosis codes from prior appointments
  • Physicians can create a “Favorites” list of content


Providers can choose from any one or a combination of health education content libraries from the below options.

  • Mayo Clinic
  • Krames Staywell
  • ConnectWell-UC Berkeley School of Public Health
  • Medline

Patient Education
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