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Healthcare Receivables Group

Healthcare Receivables Group


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HRG offers powerful industry-proven collection solutions to the financial challenges facing healthcare providers. By focusing 100% on healthcare receivables, we have developed the expertise and experience to provide exceptional collection results through the careful integration of people, technology, and ideas.

HRG’s excellent value proposition comprised of competitive fees and exceptional service delivery has distinguished our company in the healthcare industry since 1993. Our core competence of managing healthcare receivables is showcased in our primary services.

  • Bad Debt Collection

    • HRG eliminates outstanding balances, reduces collection costs, and increases your bottom line through our successful collection approach.

  • Cash Acceleration

    • HRG can also manage active self-pay or third-party receivables as an extension of your business operations. HRG has completed over 400 Extended Business Office (EBO) projects around the country since 1993.

    • When you need immediate cash flow improvement, HRG can handle unusually large volumes of backlogged A/R caused by staff turnover, system conversions or budget constraints.

We understand that many of your patients are dealing with issues and life changes bigger than just a medical bill. Our representatives are trained to listen, and they know how to work with patients to bring more money to your bottom line without damaging your reputation with overly aggressive tactics.

At HRG we believe sophisticated solutions are key to serving medical practices who deserve the payment of their charges from services rendered to their patients. The following tools and business practices allow us to make a critical impact on your bottom line.

  • Awarded “Best Company” in the collection industry for last 10 consecutive years
  • HRG utilizes predictive dialing, unattended messaging, electronic skip tracing, bankruptcy and third-party eligibility scrubbing, automated telephone number identification, and other advanced tools in the process of liquidating patient accounts.
  • “Patient Friendly” Letters offer professional communication with your patients
  • A “Culture of Compliance” that encompasses HIPAA, TCPA, Red Flag Rule, and PCI
  • Sophisticated Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and client Performance Reporting
  • Exemplary Patient Satisfaction ratios
  • 100% Call Recording and 100% Auditing of calls
  • Innovative technology such as texting and ringless messaging
  • Disaster Recovery Plan that ensures business continuity

HRG provides customer service that is known throughout the industry for responsiveness and accuracy in resolving issues. We have designated Client Service Associates that learn the specifics of your unique medical practice and are assigned to manage your relationship. That’s why our clients consider us a strategic partner whose approach enhances their financial performance.

Our unique proprietary work plan is supported by our comprehensive staff training program. HRG management monitors telephone calls daily via voice analytics software and incorporates the results of phone audits into weekly staff meetings and collector score cards for coaching opportunities and ongoing training.

HRG also has a Sensitivity Program which is integrated into our existing Quality Assurance and Customer Service policies. HRG is sensitive to the specific needs of our clients and trains our employees to treat each patient with respect and care while maintaining compliance and exemplary customer service.

Our corporate philosophy is predicated on the premise that our reputation is our clients’ reputation and we are an extension of their organization.

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