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Health Note

Health Note

Patient Screeners

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What is Health Note?

Made by clinicians for clinicians. Not just another check-in service. We automatically WRITE NOTES for doctors, nurses and PA’s.

Health Note is an artificially intelligent chat bot that asks patients the questions a doctor or nurse would ask. It also captures administrative information like demographics, insurance cards, licenses, signatures and more before a patient arrives.

It is customizable.

How it works?

Health Note looks at your schedule, and sends a text message or e-mail containing a secure link to our chatbot. Patients click on the link and the chatbot opens in their browser. No downloading or sign in required. After the conversation, data is synced with Athena.

Simple as that.

Will my patients use it?

We’ve tested it with thousands of patients and hundreds of medicare aged patients so that it’s easy to use for ALL of your patients.

Real Value:

  • Decrease no-shows. Patients who fill our forms are 3x more likely to show up.
  • Staff can now focus on patients instead of paperwork.
  • Decrease physician burn out. 80%+ of a note complete before patient even arrives.

Health Note Demographics:

Patients fill out the entire demographics section of Athena while still at home. Capture: - Insurance card - Driver license - Demographics - Digital signature & consent forms - *Medical history, symptoms, screenings and more

FREE: Appointment Reminders *additional fees may apply for custom clinical information

Coming Soon

Health Note Plus:

Health Note Complete includes Demographics and adds our review of systems checker, SOAP clinical note writer.

We collect and document notes. We write: - HPI - Review of Systems - Medications - Assessment and Plan

Key Features:

Simple, fast & secure with HIPAA compliant SMS text & email link with an AI chat bot.

  • Works great for Medicare population (65+ years old)
  • No portal / login password needed
  • No apps to download
  • Cross Platform: works on iPhone, Android, Desktop, Laptop, Windows, MacOS

Patient Screeners
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