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GenID Solutions

GenID Solutions

Clinical Decision Support

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GenID Solutions allows providers to do a hereditary cancer risk analysis on all of their patients. We have a patent-pending algorithm that will identify every patient that should be further screened for hereditary cancers. Our product seamlessly integrates with athenaClinicals EMR and works in the background, so no extra work is required.

  1. Patent-pending algorithm that includes all the latest research on hereditary cancers
  2. Seamless integration – all the data points are collected from the patient’s chart
  3. GenID Solutions runs in the background, evaluates the patient during the visit, and provides a simple recommendation to refer to genetic counseling when indicated

GenID Solutions integrates seamlessly with athenahealth Clinicals and does a cancer risk analysis on every patient that comes in for a visit.

There is no extra work for the provider.

If a patient should be further evaluated we let the provider know via a consult note. Otherwise our patent-pending algorithm works silently behind the scenes.

There is no training required and no extra login, no extra steps.

Our product saves providers time and effort, and most critically, it identifies patients at risk for cancer that could have been missed.

Clinical Decision Support
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