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GatherUp by Traject

GatherUp by Traject

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GatherUp by Traject will make customer experience the backbone of your business, building a continuous cycle of happy customers and powerful reviews to help you increase revenue and acquire customers.

Benefit from a centralized reputation management platform that will enable you to gather, manage and market your reputation with powerful benefits. Use GatherUp to fuel your growth through SEO, reviews, and social proof.

We help you to gather key customer experience data including Net Promoter Score (NPS), 3rd-party reviews, 1st-party reviews, and survey questions to get critical customer insights. Use email, the web or text messages to quickly connect with customers and request their feedback even in real-time with TextBack, the industry’s only inbound SMS feedback channel. With more features than the competitors, GatherUp offers review monitoring on over 50 sites with flexible review request functionality utilizing email, the web, social media and text messages.

Learn, engage, and make data-driven decisions with GatherUp’s robust set of management tools. Directly reply to reviews, set up notifications and automate your processes. The reporting suite offers multiple data views of your reputation including sentiment analysis using IBM Watson and automatic theme creation to simplify thousands of keywords into important factors in your business. Always know what is going on with your business, your customers and your reputation with GatherUp.

GatherUp’s industry leading set of marketing features allows you to boost your reputation all over the web, especially on your own website and social media channels. Stream reviews to your website, landing pages and create engaging visual social media posts from your 5-star reviews.

We believe that listening is a business superpower and so do over 25,000 businesses that use GatherUp to understand their customers to build a better business. Sign up today to see the impact GatherUp by Traject can have on your business.

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