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Everseat increases revenue and efficiency for providers. It boosts access, convenience, and satisfaction for patients. Everseat efficiently matches up supply and demand. Openings in your schedule are seamlessly posted to the Everseat app. From the app on a smartphone or on the web, patients can quickly and easily claim appointments, subject of course, to your approval. In a world where patient expectations are rising and business pressures are intense, Everseat delivers.

  • Cloud-based platform automatically posts your open slots so patients can request them
  • Patients can also digitally "raise their hand" to indicate that they need to see you
  • You can post last minute cancellations or put entire schedules on our platform to fill them up

Everseat is a secure cloud-based platform that enables HIPAA compliance. It reads your schedule continuously, and posts open appointments to a free consumer/patient app so they can choose convenient times to come see you. Everseat only posts what you want patients to see, whether that means certain providers, certain appointment types or certain locations, etc. Thanks to the integration with athenaCommunicator, there is little effort on your part in making this valuable information available to your patients. When they see your availability on their screens, they tell you with a simple click if they want one of the appointments you have posted. You then have the opportunity to approve them. Your schedule is automatically updated.

Via the Everseat website, you can:

  • Customize your profile with photos, bios and location information.
  • Specify the exact notes you want to accompany each appointment type
  • See the insurance information provided by patients

From the app, patients can:

  • Set notifications to find out when you have available openings
  • Tag favorite providers and locations
  • Get directions and calendar alerts
  • Book appointments for others such as children, spouses, or parents
  • Upload insurance information

Scheduling, Care Coordination, Population Health Management
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