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esvyda virtual care that improves clinicians workflows

esvyda virtual care that improves clinicians workflows

Remote Patient Monitoring

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esvyda is a virtual solution for healthcare providers that allows secure communication, video, remote patient monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure, weight, glucose, oxygen and temperature and physical activity using wearables.

We enhance the communication between patients and all medical and non-medical people involved in their care, coordinating care and keeping compliance and adherence of patients in treatments.

esvyda integrates seamlessly in Healthcare Providers workflows coordinating care among all care teams involved, providing real-time and actionable information. Care Providers may take action on time, reducing costs.

Get a better picture of your patients’ journeys! Follow up treatments and avoid high episodes of care such as hospitalizations and ER visits, because using esvyda virtual care, you may follow up the course of patients’ treatments and take action on time!

Our features include:

  • 24/7 virtual visits
  • Integration of wireless medical devices and wearables. Seniors may opt in to use devices that directly send information to their doctors without using a mobile app
  • Real-time actionable data to healthcare providers and patients
  • Creation and management of appointments
  • Problems, diagnosis and nurse notes integration
  • Management of tasks for care teams based on customizable alerts: creation, assignment, reporter and follow ups
  • Patient tasks creation and follow ups
  • Mood report
  • Patient has the option to involve family-caregiver members
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Target of readings
  • Readings schedule
  • Daily times
  • Logbook of readings
  • Goals of vital signs and physical activities
  • Focus on Hispanic population
  • Patients, Caregivers and families are able to track progress
  • esvyda bilingual Lifestyle Coach helps HCP to follow up the progress of patients in treatments
  • It works on any computer, iOS or android mobile device

Good options for: Online and face-to-face consultations for primary, specialty and urgent care, behavioral and mental health management, Post-discharge programs, Home care-home health, Preventive programs, Programs for patients suffering chronic conditions at any medical facility!

Remote Patient Monitoring, Care Plan Management, Chronic Care Management
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