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DeliverHealth eScription One Platform Solution

DeliverHealth eScription One Platform Solution



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The eScription One platform makes it quick and easy for clinicians to use speech and a mobile device to complete the documentation task, anytime, anywhere. With eScription One mobile, clinicians dictate narrative documentation that is automatically routed for transcription and placed within athenaClinicals® sections.

  • eScription One mobile: Integrated schedule feed simplifies and informs anytime, anywhere dictation
  • eScription One Transcription Technology: Accommodates unique, complex requirements of specialty practices
  • DeliverHealth Transcription Services: Dedicated resources for individual clinics amplify performance

With eScription One mobile, clinicians use iOS® or Android™ devices to dictate anytime, anywhere. Clinicians can keep pace with busy patient loads without compromising time with patients, revenue potential or length of workday. Meanwhile, timely, complete, structured data in the EHR can help reduce claim rejections, decrease time to bill and further compliance. The easy-to-use application reduces dictation time while preserving the patient narrative.


  • Launch eScription One mobile.
  • Select patient name from real-time appointment schedule.
  • Select athenahealth document template and personal dictation template.
  • Begin recording and dictate content.
  • View templates, patient demographics, appointment information or historical patient documentation, if necessary.
  • Upload completed dictation.
  • Review transcribed patient record within athenaClinicals.
  • Make any required edits, and sign.
  • Documentation is accessible in athenaClinicals in the appropriate sections

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